• The energy.

    The energy.

    This is a poem for my father & his parents. My father passed away early January, he was & always will be by biggest inspiration & supporters.

  • Ellpoet is a page of unexpected poetry about love, life, bi pola & PTSD.

    Let them pull you out, let them soothe you & surround you with what you need You are not a burden, you are worth loving, you are enough I know it is a battle, to stop that old friend & foe barging in Just remember that when this happens, those coloured stars will appear again…

  • Alarmed.

    The first time I saw you, I felt such a strong attraction The first time you touched me I felt like I could affix myself to you The first time you said I love you I knew I was awash with love The first time I saw that look on your face I felt alarmed …

  • The smell of rain.

    The smell of rain.

    There are certain smells that bring with them an abundance of memories Some bring us sadness, some laughter, some comfort The smell of freshly popped popcorn & fresh corn barbequed Always make me smile & giggle, they remind of the fair, & all the fun times we had The smell of Scotch, brings me sadness,…

  • Unknown Breakdown.

    Unknown Breakdown.

    Well, my life is very different, it has taken me awhile to adjust, & to be honest talk about it all. Last year was awful in so many ways, however I don’t remember most of it. After going through some counselling & medical assistance it’s become clear that I had a breakdown. Everything over the…

  • To Jemima – My Girl

    To Jemima – My Girl

    Look at you, not a girl anymore, not quite a woman Beautiful in your dress, hair all done up, wearing your first pair of heels Full of nerves for your first school dance, butterflies dancing in your stomach I can see the little girl you were, I now can imagine the woman you will be…

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