I am.

The feeling deep inside, the feeling of your emotions running loose

They seem to run around, all through your body, they always overrun your mind, heart & stomach

Before you know what’s hit you, tears are welling behind your eyes

Your heart feels like it missed a beat, aching for what’s missing, for what has broken & torn you wide open

Then you feel all of it, all the pain rips through you, it’s a hurricane of shards of glass, there is no stopping this pain

Once you can breathe, you try, it hurts, things were said & done in anger, these can not be taken back

Today is a new day, but the pain is raw, the affection seems distant, you struggle to get through the day

All of a sudden it hits again.

When we are loved, we need to accept that arguments happen, we all say things in anger & hurt

When the argument is finished, never forget to tell each other how you feel, remember to show affection.

You will have a great love if you can remember to be loving always.

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