The Old Blue Stone Path.

For every woman who doubts themselves like I do. I wrote this for me.

As she looked down she could see the mark of so many feet that had walked the blue stone path before her

As she kept looking she could see how worn & smooth it was, like the water sculpts the rocks

The edges of the stone was still rough, not used as much, they were keeping the stone together, just like it’s backbone, the rougher bit in the middle, feet walked on either side

Yes she thought the stone is old & worn, yet still a beautiful blue, still useful & needed

All of a sudden in her head she had a thought, she had been struggling with feeling useless & old  

She realised yes, she had her worn parts, she had been through a lot, it had all left it’s mark

Her backbone was still strong, she had beauty in her own way if you looked closer, her edges could be rough

She knew she could be a little cranky & reactive at times

But here were these stones, so useful & needed, they were reliable, strong, always there

She understood that she was the same, she was all that these beautiful blue stones are & more.

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