I went for a stroll outside to see all that was about

I am sorry to report, there was not much going on

Except for old Mr Fox who as usual was trying to get around without his walking stick

Falling left & right, he keeps trying to walk forward, it is quite a laugh

We have all told him he needs to use a stick, or he can not seem to get around

He tells us all he is not that old, he can still walk quite easily alone

As I kept going I ran into a sight, there was old Mrs Koala at the bottom of the tree

I asked what she was doing, she told me she was trying to climb back up

Now we have all told Mrs Koala she needs to find a smaller tree, one that is not so wide

Mrs Koala tells us all, she is fine, she can still climb a big wide tree

I looked down the road, I thought well it’s n ot far now to get to the end

I could see the end of the road, it’s an old dirt road, not much happens here at all

As I got closer I did see a sight! Mr & Mrs Wombat trying to fight free of there burrow

They are quite old, they can not dig like they used to, the dirt here is so hard

We have all told them to move down the road, where the dirt is softer, & a borrow can be made

They have told us all it’s ok, we will be fine, we will just keep going

As I walking back to the house, Miss Rabbit came running up to me, to say some of the residents are upset

I walked over to find Mr Fox, Mrs Koala & Mr & Mrs Wombat all quite upset

I asked what was wrong, they were quick to inform that yes they are old, yes they are not as agile as they used to be

Yes they know that they can not do all they used to do, but they are not moving from their homes

They would be happy if the younger generation could help, rather then trying to make them move

Could they please just help them out instead? Don’t just make them move, surely they have earned some respect

I cleared my throat, & made it clear that yes they have earned respect, from now on we will all help out to make sure they do not need to move.


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