A dance to last forever.

For my parents. 50 years married this year, Dad almost made it.

Watching at the age of 12, I was memorised by the way you glided

Normally so heavy footed, you looked light, your feet were moving in a way I had never seen

You told me once you learnt how to be so light from a brutish sport, to move so lightly your opponent didn’t even know

I look & can’t quite put them together, you are lovingly holding mum, leading her with care

It is the opposite of dancing in the ring, trading punches, trying to knock them out

The way you are so besotted with the woman in your arms, after so many years, many can only wish for this.

Now I look back at that memory, I understand, yes you were moving your feet so perfectly

I realise how much it meant for mum to know, the dance was a symbol off your commitment

You would always lead her with love, gently, filled with adoration

You would always watch where you stepped to respect what she wanted & needed, always by her side, until the end

At the end of the dance, you held her face so tenderly, you kissed her lightly, her smile was radiant

You did as you promised until the end, you danced together for fifty years,

Never once letting her go, until your final dance.

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