Veil – short story.

That night was a night like no other, I could feel the veil between the worlds getting weaker. The souls on the other side were calling to their loved ones, there were some with only revenge on their mind, they could not rest.

I have always been taught how you are in life is how you will be after. Revenge is not something I ever let enter my mind.
I had tried to tell the locals, best to stay in doors, I couldn’t really tell them why, they thought I was crazy anyway, only when they wanted to talk to their loved ones that had passed is the only time they came to me.

So, here they were, out at the bar, the ladies on their nightly stroll in their best dresses. As I watched I saw Marigold walk out of the saloon, no one knows who she really is, she blew into town five years ago, seems intent on staying. I say she is hiding, she has evil in her.

I suddenly felt the ground shift, there is was the veil was now only a thread. The souls started swarming, they let me be, they knew I would send them back.

Most of them were harmless, they would check on their kin & go back. They just needed to see. I let them go, it takes far too much energy to stop so many, they can look.

Then I felt it, a black energy, it wasn’t just after revenge, it was here to claim a soul, a bargain made, but payment never received. I knew there was a payment that had to be paid, you can’t run from a pact like that.

Marigold suddenly stopped dead in her tracks, I could see her fear, almost taste it in the air. It suddenly all made sense, she had been hiding, but she had told the truth.

Her husband had died quite suddenly six years ago, he was very sick, the doctor had told her he would die, but it would be very slow & painful, he was rotting from the inside out, she had said his legs were purple & the muscle seemed to have turned to liquid.

I understood, she had made a deal so he did not die in agony. Death came for all, not all suffer.
It was at this moment I could see exactly what had happened, Marigolds husband had been touched by evil, it knew she would make a deal to end his suffering, a deal made with evil can not be undone, unless evil was the source of the reason for the deal.

I had no choice, I stood up, I let my power flare, not the subdued power the town usually sees, my full power, I let my necromancy shine. I knew I looked like a walking shimmering green flame, I didn’t care.

The evil turned around, but I had the upper hand, it had underestimated how powerful I was, I was 300 years old, I had built power.

For the first time in a long time I let it loose, it wound around the evil, rendering it useless. I asked if a deal had been made that it had been the reason for the sickness, oh it tried to fight, tried to lie, I just let my power inflict the worst it could.

Finally the evil relented, the blackness poured out of the human body it had taken. The man left was left lying on the road, there would be no life left.
Marigold was ready to tear the blackness apart, she had sacrificed everything.

In one last strike I took it down, I absorbed the little goodness in it, the rest was bound forever as a useless shell of itself.
I pulled my power back, it had a mind of its own in that moment, but I took control.

Marigold looked up at me, she was a broken woman, she hated herself, but she could not have known.
I walked over, I gave her the one thing the evil had kept, I gave her her husband’s wedding ring.
Things have been so different since that night, the locals have welcomed me into their homes, they have changed the way they think, they are also scared of me.
I don’t mind, if they are scared, they will listen.

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