As she slowly walked down the stairs
Her heart would not calm down
Her hands had started to sweat
She had never wanted this
She had never asked for this
She looked down, her loved ones at the bottom
They all looked up at her, time stood still
How could she tell them, she knew they would be disappointed
She cleared her throat, a tear ran down her cheek
I am so sorry she is about to say, sorry I am not enough
All of a sudden her parents step forward
Stop they say, do not do this, stop trying to make us happy
Please, it’s time to be you, let yourself shine
You are perfect just the way you are, never a disappointment to us
She felt like she may fall, suddenly things changed
She sat up, her dream had felt real, she knew her parents loved her
They had struggled with acceptance as most do
In the end they loved her just the way she was.


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