Please don’t presume.

I can tell by your tone you think you know me, you have put me in a box

You see what you want to see, you have avoided look at the sadness in my eyes

You are choosing not to acknowledge the self conscious way I keep adjusting my clothes

You are only looking at what is right there in front of you

I know I am rude to cut you off, but you are talking down to me

You are presuming I am not intelligent, you are presuming I am unaware of how fickle life can be

I will be talking now, with kindness & respect, I see the sadness in your eyes

I do not need a lecture on how to help my daughter deal with grief

I do not need another stranger telling me what to do

I know she will grieve for the rest of her life, I am choosing to give her to tools now

You may think she is too young to understand

You do not understand that she may only be 10

Due to this trauma she has to to mature too quickly, she understands too much

I want her to have the best chance in life, I want her to thrive

I will give her every tool I can, to make sure she is the best version of her she can be.

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