Life complexity.

My life is complicated & very hard for people to get there head around at times. Today is a perfect example of how my life is, & how at times it gets all too much.

My girlfriend & I had an argument last night, this morning we woke up, wrapped our arms around each other & apologised, it was an argument that was unnecessary.

We had breakfast with our daughter, then started to get ready for the day. I was emotional to say the least. My girlfriend is an incredibly understanding woman.

Today I was taking our daughter to visit her Mama my wife. Now this is where people struggle to get there head around it, yes I am married, my wife however has a severe ABI & can not move or talk.

I will always stand by my wife, but my life has moved on as well. We go regularly to see her, I am very involved with her care & well being.

I was emotional over seeing her today, & our daughter struggles seeing her Mama like she is, as we all would.

Visit went quite quickly, & very happily, as happy as we can all be. Our daughter & I make sure we are smiling & happy, we are honest about things, but always happy at the start & end of a visit.

I dropped our daughter off for a sleepover on the way home, & then home for a night with my girlfriend which I need.

Life is complicated, everyone has different complications, it’s important to me, to take time with people, let them talk about their complications, & give them the information & lessons I have learnt in the last four years. It’s an unknown territory for many, to be mid thirties & suddenly your partner is very different.


  1. kegarland says:

    Forgive my ignorance, but what is ABI? I looked it up and it stands for ankle-brachial index? Is this right?

    And you’re absolutely right! I always say we each have our own story and journey to live.


    1. Ellpoet says:

      Hi, it’s for Acquired Brain Injury.


      1. kegarland says:

        Aha. Thank you for sharing. This sounds like a lot to bear.


  2. Laura Hitt says:

    (Not sure other went through.) You are brave and honest., and loving. No one can walk in your shoes. We have to keep looking inward and following that. Thank you for sharing your complications.


  3. Laura Hitt says:

    Sounds like you are very loving. No one can walk exactly in your shoes. We have to look inward and be true to ourselves and no one can know your situation. You are brave and honest.


    1. Ellpoet says:

      Thank you for your comment, for me hearing that people do understand really helps.


  4. Ellpoet says:

    Thank you I really appreciate the encouragement! Far too often people are quick to judge. You can have two people in your life at once.


  5. I think a lot of people need to get out of their own head when it comes to thinking/insisting other people’s lives should be the way they want them to be. Life is complicated, families are complicated and nobody gets to tell anyone else how to be. I love that you’re sharing your own complications and being open about them — we need more of this in the world!


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