Surprise!! it’s me life, here to test you!

You know how sometimes it just feels like life is testing you? As if thinking how much can she handle? *insert sinister laugh*

Today that is how I feel, I woke up to my daughter in a awful mood as she didn’t want to go to school, sorry I said you have to go. *Insert childs high pitched voice* I hate you, your the worst Mum!!! *insert heart breaking.*

I knew this would happen I just wasn’t expecting it at 10, I still felt heart broken, then happy. You may wonder why happy? We have been through so much, this was a normal reaction from a pre teen, somehow I got her through it, she is somehow not as scarred as I thought.

After getting grumpy to school, making sure I tell her on the way I do love her, I am proud of her, I get home & start work. One hour later my phone rings.

As I listen I am in shock, a relative of a family member passed away overnight, no reason she was 35. Healthy, happy & has a family. For some reason she didn’t wake up.

This was a shock you don’t expect, not from someone so healthy, no known medical issues. I feel for her shocked family, the pain & confusion they must be feeling.

These two things tested me, really made me have to manage my emotions. I did, I am proud of myself. I did not let anything pull me down.

Now we get ready for tomorrow, & to be there for loved ones.



  1. da-AL says:

    so sorry, dear. wishing you & yours all the best…


  2. I’m sorry for your loss and send my deepest condolences.


    1. Ellpoet says:

      Thank you. 💜


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