Imperfectly perfect.

I feel something inside, something that is heavy

I try to say it out aloud but my words come out in a jumble

I need to be in your thoughts, when you are doing things

To remember that at times you need to think how it will affect me

To think what it I need, I try to always do this for you

We are a team, we both have our parts to do

Please remember that if you take your time

This could have effects you are not thinking of

I need you to please understand, there are times to look at my side

To not get angry & say hurtful things, to try to see why I am reacting

We are both complicated people, both strong & stubborn

I need to be more flexible, & more tolerant of doing things in your time

Please don’t ever think it is just you, we both have ownership

We both need to be able to stop & think, we are both human, imperfectly perfect.


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