My pleasure is yours.

I looked at you, you had just walked out of the shower

You had water beading on your skin

You dropped your towel & looked at me

I grabbed you & pushed you up against the wall

Kissing you hard, I ran my tongue over yours

I felt your whole body tremble, your nipples hardened

I picked you up, you wrapped your legs around my waist

I love the feeling of you wrapped around me, naked & wanting

I carried you to the bathroom sink, & told you to stand

You normally hate being told what to do, this time you moaned

I asked for your leg, I threw your leg over my shoulder

Standing on the sink with your legs spread

You looked like a goddess, perfect lines & curves

I thrust my tongue inside you, I started licking & sucking

I licked you like an ice cream cone, in & out

When you came, I had to catch you

Your body relaxed & you had a look of bliss on your face

I love knowing it was me that made you feel so good.



  1. That was raw and poet … ooola la.. fancy meeting you here.. I happen to have clothes on 🤣 Thanks for your follow.. I’m now following you as well. Stay in touch. 🌷🌷


    1. Ellpoet says:

      Thank you I really appreciate the feedback. Thank you for following as well! 💜


      1. You’re so welcome ELL!!! You’re so welcome. I’ll be seeing you around! 💕


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