My father & I had a very special relationship, he understood me in a way no one else did, he understood the way I think & the complex reality of living with bi polar.

When he passed in January I was lost, in some ways I still feel lost. This week very lost. Last Sunday was Father’s Day, today is his birthday he would have been 74.

I allow myself to grieve, but I also do not loose myself to it. My father was many things, he was incredibly smart & driven, he was tenacious. As much as I am incredibly emotional today, I refuse to let myself fall.

My father taught me well, he made sure I knew how to be strong, he also made sure I understood how to manage & balance my emotions & reality. When we are full of emotion it is easy to loose a grip on reality.

I know he was proud of me, I will continue to make him proud, make myself proud, most of all teach my daughter how to balance.



  1. Dwight Hyde says:

    Sounds like a great man who left a great legacy😊. It’s good I think to remember all that love and lean into for it will forever remain within to help guide us.


    1. Ellpoet says:

      He certainly did for many. It is important to remember, to allow the guidance & strength to remain.


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