10 year old drama.

I always thought the school drama between girls would start at thirteen or later, once high school starts.

I was wrong! I have found myself very unprepared for my 10 year old daughter to tell me what is happening. How the girls calm each other mean, say I hate you one day & are friends the next.

Now she is not innocent, she has said a few things, & I am right on that, it’s not ok, I heard her saying some nasty things about one of the girls, so I made her write an apology letter.

She didn’t have to give the letter to the girl, I asked her to imagine how she would feel if that girl found out what she said & what would she say to apologise. She thought this was crazy until she wrote it.

All of a sudden an understanding of how her words could affect someone became clear to her. She was upset she had said it, & understood why I pulled her up on it.

I am not naive I am sure she will say things again, hopefully not until she is older. She is too young, this bitchiness at school should not happen in primary school, it’s far too young.

Being a victim of school bullying, I was the nerdy girl, I will not stand for it. As I hope I can teach her.


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