Suddenly single.

So, your life has suddenly changed, weather it be a relationship breakdown or a tragic event. You find yourself in unfamiliar waters, wondering what the hell do I do know?

Firstly you are not alone, secondly have you stocked up on your favourite alcoholic beverage? Trust me you will need it.


It’s hard moving on, or in my case, my wife has an Acquired Brain Injury & can not talk or move, I am very lucky that I have met someone else, who understands they share my heart.

There is a lot to that story, but we are here to talk about you. I know you are probably feeling awful, looking at all your lumps & bumps. Let me tell you, other people won’t care, & do not see them like you do. They will see your beauty inside & out. However, I have learnt putting in effort every day to look good seriously helps!


You don’t have to love all of yourself yet, let’s start with one thing. For me, my boobs! I am a DD, I am 45 & they are still perky!! Just find one thing you like about yourself, you can build it from there. I guarantee you will find more, & you will surprise yourself.


Everyone will have advice, I know they care. The thing is it gets quite annoying when everyone wants to have a say on your life. It is much easier just to say thank you, I appreciate that you care, & move on. If people think you have listened, & appreciate they made an effort they generally move on.


Now this is about you, but people want to be seen to be doing the right thing. Feel free to say no thank you to offers from those who really are just doing it so they feel good. You don’t have the energy for them, just let them go.


Kids, my saving grace with my daughter was having three people I could call on whenever I needed, if it was just for a few hours or overnight. I trust them & like them, more importantly my daughter felt safe & loved with them. The other thing with kids, be honest about what is happening, don’t keep secrets.  They will feel more secure if they know what is happening.


Lastly, this is a very quick guide, there will be many things that pop up. Just do the best you can, don’t doubt yourself. Remember to smile, remember to laugh. Allow yourself to grieve, but don’t loose yourself to it.


Now, go grab a beverage, sit back, enjoy the moment, & just allow yourself to let things go a little.


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