Ten things about me & what they mean.

I read a blog post today, & found it interesting to know more about the writer, so here are ten things about me, & what they mean.

Hair colour: Blonde

Eye colour: Blue/Green

Fun Fact: I am ridiculously clumsy.

Favourite stone: every girl loves diamonds, for me I love the black ones, they are mysterious & beautiful.

Black diamonds represent inner strength and justice. They are great for a woman who wants to stand apart and stand strong in her conviction.

Favourite colour: I have always loved green, it reminds me of the forest.

Prone to putting lots of importance on money and security.

Those who love green desperately want to feel secure in both their finances and relationships. They’re also social butterflies and are probably on a diet as we speak.

Favourite drink: Coffee, Latte if I can!!

Latte drinkers like to choose options that are safe and familiar. The latte is like a security blanket that offers warmth and support in the middle of a harsh day. Those soft peaks of foamed milk on the top of a latte are like little pillows that cushion blows from the cruel world. A latte might be your go-to drink if you like comfort, familiarity, and coziness. Fans of the latte tend to also love things like fuzzy scarves and handmade throw pillows.

Favourite music: heavy metal & hard rock I find soothing.

If you enjoy rock and heavy metal, then your mind is quite intuitive and open to future possibilities. You love to weave ideas and reflect on your life.

Favourite sleeping position: I have always slept on my side, either side, but generally left.

If sleeping on either of your sides is your go-to comfy position, it means you are an easy-going person, who welcomes everyone with an open heart.

Further, if your preferred sleeping side is left you may be more creative.

Favourite season: I love the start of spring, the end of winter, it’s not too hot & not too cold.

If spring is your favorite season, then you might crave new experiences, and the spring season offers the chance of renewal that you need after a long, cold winter.

Mountains or beach: I hate sand, & I love mountains.

You like seclusion. CREATIVE It is likely that you have a creative pursuit in your life. It could either be writing, painting, sketching, or singing. You belong to the mountains because you think they bring out the best in you.

PHILOSOPHICAL, you like conversations that are much deeper. You love talking about art, nature, life and philosophy. Also, this makes you a much better listener.


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