Distractions to stop thinking – a short story.

‘Tamara? Tamara? Where are you? Why are there eight ducks in the chook pen?’
‘Penny, hi! I had the best time today, you know work team building day, we went duck herding! I am going to take it up as a hobby. Isn’t that great?’
Tamara looked excited at penny. So I brought some ducks, as we have no chocks anymore, & guess what?’
‘Why can I hear a dog?’ Penny looked very unimpressed.
‘Suprise! That’s Sunny, she is a 6 month old Shelti, I am going to train her!’ Tamara was jumping up & down with excitement.
‘So you are going to train a dog, to herd ducks? Are you pulling a practical joke? Who herds ducks?’ Penny was laughing at the idea.
‘You know it is quite popular as a weekend hobby, & you keep telling me I need to get out more.’ Tamara was clearly upset Penny thought it was a joke.
‘Herding ducks???’ Penny could not stop laughing.
‘Fine, laugh away, I am going to feed the ducks.’ Tamara stormed out.
Seriously she thought, laughing at her. She didn’t do things like this often. Ok so two years ago she had started tree shaping, but that didn’t last long.
Then one year ago she had started collecting the elements, but that was boring she really wasn’t into science.
Six months ago she had considered bettle wrestling, but thought it was cruel.
Now duck herding! Oh what is that smell? Seriously! Oh no, it’s the ducks, the ducks stink!!!
‘Sunny, sunny stop!’ Tamara was suddenly running after Sunni who it seemed was determined to get to the ducks, Tamara grabbed Sunni & slipped, in duck poo.
Of course she thought. Oh that smell!! It was now in her hair!!!
Tamara grabbed her mobile.
‘Hi, Jo it’s Tamara we met today? Yeah that’s me, look I don’t think this is going to work out. Can I sell you the ducks back? Or give them back? Great! Sunni? No, I am going to keep her, a companion for me. I think I need to start just sticking to something, & just learn to be me. Can I come over now?’
‘In here’
‘I have decided to start something new.’
‘Oh what this time?’
‘Me, I am just going to be me, have Sunni as a companion. Stop trying to find things so I distract myself. I have to start to be ok with me, & all that I am.’
‘I know with being diagnosed with MS it’s been hard, but you are still you, I am really proud of you sis.’
‘Thank you. I am taking the ducks back now.’
Penny walked back to the ducks, she knew she had a long way to go, but she knew the start & acceptance would be the hardest.
Penny walked past the tree she had shaped like a heart, she laughed, it looked like the tree had not completely died, but the shape, more of a circle, with arms, lots of arms.

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