Self Belief – A constant struggle.

My girlfriend says to me quite often, maybe your not a bad writer? Maybe you can relate to people. She says this not in a mean way, it’s a reminder to me, to have some self belief, to stop having to faith in my work.

This is something I find confronting, I know very few people who can say they are good at something, or give them selves some recognition for when things go well. As a writer when you are submitting you are putting yourself out there, the rejections pile up, if you get a response.

An acceptance is always unexpected, it’s like I have won the lottery. I am floored every time, I always question it, are they sure, do they actually like my work? Maybe they didn’t get any others? The reality is, they like it.

I find this unfathomable that they like it & relate to it. I acknowledge that I must have some self belief if I am submitting, but I can’t feel it or find it. Until now.

A magazine is publishing me three months in a row, they publish one piece of writing per issue, this made me understand that yes, maybe I can write, maybe I need to start having a bit more confidence.

We all struggle with self belief, it’s when these wins happen that help us see, maybe we aren’t so bad. No matter what you do, look out for those moments, hang on to that belief.


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