Everlasting love I believed was a fairytale for me

I was on the sidelines watching life pass me by

Watching my friends move on with life, I was frozen in time

I jerked myself awake, I told myself I have to try

A little girls heart broken from trauma, I knew I had to start

She had lost one parent, I would not let her loose another

She could not grieve, my wife had not passed, a claustrophobic injury to the brain

I started living, step by step, I was lonely, full of sadness

Yet you somehow could see past that, you started knocking on my wall of sadness

You showed me, slowly that I could be happy, I could be more

Day by day my wall crumbled, then you kissed me

My wall dropped, a new feeling I had inside, I knew I had felt it before

Joy started to fill me up, I started smiling, laughing, then loving

Our life is complicated, our life is full, our life is unique

Our everlasting love is strong, I stand by you proudly my love.


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