A monster lives within me
This monster tells me everything I do wrong
It tells me how awful I look, how bumpy my body is
It taunts me, I am so monstrous I should hide behind a mask
I can not go out with the real me on display

To this monster I say, you are wrong, not me
I do not look awful, my body has forty five years of life mapping, I would expect bumps
I am not monstrous, I fought hard to find me, I will not hide, I am not perfect, I am perfectly imperfect.


3 responses to “Monster.”

  1. its good to get a handle on what that horrible voice says then we can stand up to it. you are beautiful and God made you the perfect size and shape… ❤


    1. I try to have a handle on it, I think many people do struggle with it.


      1. So so many Elly its an ongoing battke in my head. You are definitely not alone.


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