Short story- Desire.

It was one of those hot summer nights, perfect for staying up all night.

I didn’t want to stay inside all night, I wanted to feel alive, I wanted excitement, I wanted pleasure.

I grabbed my girlfriends hand told her let’s go, we both grinned like teenagers again.

The love I feel for this woman is too wild & true to put into words, she loves me so passionately.

I put my hands on either side of her face, looked into those amazing blue eyes & kissed her deep, let her feel my love & desire.

I pulled away leaving both of us breathless, we ran giddy out the door.

I drove up into the hills, I suddenly knew exactly where to go, to show her beauty like her own, to let her see how beautiful I see her.

The drive was windy, we had the music loud, the windows down, her hand on my leg, our hair was blowing out the windows, it was perfect.

I pulled into the forest & drove down the old road, at the end was a view of the city, with the lights reflected on the bay, with the tall buildings, all the colourful lights on display, it looked like a mirage on the bay.

I parked the car, I went to get a blanket out of the boot, I knew she love to sit & just take it all in, she was having none of that.

She pulled me to the front of the car, she kissed me like she couldn’t get enough, her tongue was silk against my own, her breasts pushed up against my own.

She made sure I knew she wanted me right then, she stood back, taking her top of, slowly undoing her jeans, shimmering them down, putting on a display for me.

Standing in her lingerie, I admired her perfect body, every little bump she hated I loved, I loved the parts of her she hated most, her legs, those long lean legs, she hated them, I only see perfection.

I stood up, she yanked my top off, my bra went with it, before I could kiss her, her lips & hands were all over me, making me feel breathless, she is Aphrodite this woman, she knows exactly what I like, she knows how to touch me.

When she was through I struggled to move, she took off her panties, told me to lie back, she had a look on her face that was clear, pure ecstasy was coming her way.

I knew what she wanted, I laid on my back, she quickly gave me access to her core, the taste her nectar she knows I love, happily giving her the pleasure she wanted, licking & sucking the orgasms out of her, not letting her catch her breath.

When we both regained our breath, the sun was slowly rising over the bay.

It was still warm, it was perfect, I felt alive with joy & happiness. We both looked at each other, no words were needed, we could see the love on each other’s faces.

Take what you need not want.

An awful storm hit us, I say it’s awful but really it was just very windy, rainy & cold. Trees came down across the roads, huge gum trees, we were lucky. Our house is fine, we are ok. Other houses were not so lucky.

That’s the thing with living in a forest area, you know in winter with the storms trees will come down, in summer you have to watch for fires.

When you buy a house in this kind of area, you know that’s part of the deal.

This is what makes me really quite cranky, is when residents start to say the trees need to go. I get it if the tree is on their land, & is right next to their house.

However with the trees on nature strips, at the edge of the forest, no, these do not need to go. The trees were here before the houses, the trees are part of the reason we live in a National park zone.

If you didn’t want to live around trees, why buy in this area? This I simply do not understand. I know it’s cheaper here to buy then the city, the blocks & houses are bigger, the schools are less crowded.

I love that my daughter is growing up here, she can ride her bike on the dirt road, she really appreciates nature, loves that she has a forest at her back door. She loves all the native animals she sees, loves learning about the whole ecosystem.

She gets to see the ecosystem working, she can see all the different ways it works, how the environment recycles everything.

She has learnt we should only take what we need, as this is what she sees the environment doing, she sees how even what is discarded by one animal will be used by another.

This to me is education I could not give her, this is nature giving an education. This is how it should be, learning from the land.

I think we can all learn more from watching different ecosystems at work, how nothing is wasted, everything is recycled & they only take what they need.

Drowning in memories.

People do not see the scars inside me, the places the darkness grabbed

The scars are so clear to me, I see them all the time

The scars are pain, being grabbed by darkness, pulled down to drown

The pain fills you up too much, all your bright emotions shut down

There is only the darkness of pain & numbness filling you

No one knows this is inside me, no one looks for the scars

They all look at the face I put on, it’s easier then to peek behind the facade

Trauma & darkness scars, people tend to avoid asking how you really are

The discomfort they feel is too much for them, they know what you have been through, the loss you carry

I wish they could know, that just a little show of belief in me, just a little recognition that I am still standing

Is sometimes all it would take, to make the darkness release it’s grip

To start breathing in some air again, to live with all the reminders

To be able to have my happy place, to not feel guilty for daring to live again

To show our daughter, that bad things happen, but you can rise above.

A dance to last forever.

For my parents. 50 years married this year, Dad almost made it.

Watching at the age of 12, I was memorised by the way you glided

Normally so heavy footed, you looked light, your feet were moving in a way I had never seen

You told me once you learnt how to be so light from a brutish sport, to move so lightly your opponent didn’t even know

I look & can’t quite put them together, you are lovingly holding mum, leading her with care

It is the opposite of dancing in the ring, trading punches, trying to knock them out

The way you are so besotted with the woman in your arms, after so many years, many can only wish for this.

Now I look back at that memory, I understand, yes you were moving your feet so perfectly

I realise how much it meant for mum to know, the dance was a symbol off your commitment

You would always lead her with love, gently, filled with adoration

You would always watch where you stepped to respect what she wanted & needed, always by her side, until the end

At the end of the dance, you held her face so tenderly, you kissed her lightly, her smile was radiant

You did as you promised until the end, you danced together for fifty years,

Never once letting her go, until your final dance.

It all makes sense.

I often have that feeling of being watched when I sit outside, it’s there during the day, but at night it can be quite intense. I have never been able to figure out why, I still don’t know, but I have been researching & leant some interesting facts.

I am a lover of history, all sorts, I wondered what was here before this house. I am aware the traditional land owners are the Wurundjeri & Bunorong tribes. This is something I highly respect.

So I went researching, I found out some very interesting facts. I live on the outskirts of eastern Melbourne, semi rural area, right next to a small National park.

This park has only recently been changed from a state reserve to a national reserve, there are endangered species that live there, I thought nothing of it.

The park used to be a goldfield, the biggest situated so close to Melbourne, I have no idea how I did not know this. It was a highly profitable gold field, also due to the extreme cold in winter & heat in summer there were a high amount of deaths.

There was a huge fire that took the church & chapel, they were not rebuilt on the same location. I was quite intrigued by this, I have never known this to be a gold area. There are tulip & flower farms, tourist areas to see the forest, feed the cockatoos.

Turns out this was deliberate, to stop the gold traffic. Once no more was found, a wealthy farmer purchased a huge amount of land, he started to grow flowers, the land was perfect for flowers.

It started a new farming industry, they did so well a lot of the farms around have been here for over a hundred & fifty years, which for Australia is very old!!!

Power of the unseen dance.

I heard the music, as I was walking down the hallway, it was your music, the music you like to dance to

You tell me you don’t dance, the rap & R & B music gets your body moving

I could imagine what you would be doing, moving your head & shoulders, you move so smooth

I walked up to the backdoor, as I looked outside your back was to me, your hips were shaking in the way only you can move

I knew if you turned around you might stop, knowing I was watching you dance about

You are so aware of what you see as faults, you are of the belief your body is not a womans body, not curvy in the way you would like

As I watch I am all to aware of how much of a woman you are, your hips, your legs, your tiny waist, the way there is no mistaking from looking at you, you are all woman.

The music changed, a slower song, you put your arms up & moved like a wave

I started to walk towards you, you heard my steps, you turned & kept moving, slowly walking towards me

You gently took my hand, you know me so well, I love to dance, but only my myself, I am so aware of others perception of me

You changed the song, a slower love song, you took my arms & wrapped them around your waist, you had to reach up to put yours around my neck

You pulled me close, & laid your head on my chest, you closed your eyes, we started to moving, swaying to the music in our own world
I felt you relax as we moved, you let out the sigh of contentment, a sound you are still getting used to

You know I love you, for you, this is not something you are used to, many have seen the wrapping & tried to change you, make you theirs, to own you, too show you off

I see what’s within you, I appreciate the outside, the inside completes it all

As we dance I feel loved, I can feel your love, you pour it into me, I can feel the way you appreciate me.

I can feel the way you are grateful we found each other, for both of us, it was unexpected, it was reprieve we both needed to smile again

If anyone was watching, they would see a couple, slowly dancing, they would not know the emotion that passes through from one to another

I have often said to you, when you just appreciate the moment, slow it down, you are suddenly so much more aware of every emotion that passes from me to you

It’s like I dance to me, the emotions slowly work their way around my heart, & into yours

It is the most beautiful dance of all, it is not one you can see

The most powerful things you can not see, you feel with such strength

It fills you up, gives you the strength you need to believe in yourself, to know you are loved, you are not alone.

Birthday today – hide away.

I have often said my birthday is cursed, there is always emotional drama or sickness, this happens every year without fail.

My mum does debate this, as I have had happy birthdays as a child. This is true, as I got older things changed.

It really started on my 21st when I walked in on my partner cheating with my ex. I am sure you can all imagine how I felt in the middle of the party, I have not done the speeches, I am witnessing betrayal of my heart.

From then on, every birthday things have been fairly dark in my birthday. This year I worked hard to change my frame of mind, I wanted a good birthday.

As if on queue, four days before my birthday, I am verbally abused in my driveway by someone I love & respect, someone I thought was there for me. I was angry, confused, bewildered to say the least.

The worst thing, our daughter paused her show so she could hear everything. Once I have started to process, I feel completely abandoned, betrayed, used, worthless. This is not ok.

Then of course the night before my birthday I have an argument with my girlfriend. We are both so stubborn. And yes we are all good.

So, it’s now midday on my birthday & I want to hide. It’s my first birthday without my father, the grieving is still strong.

My beautiful girlfriend has absolutely saved the day, not only by being there, but making sure I feel loved. How I got so lucky I don’t know. Our daughter has been full of compliments.

Maybe next year can be a good one?

Curse of the Birthday.

I don’t know if it’s the date, or the time of year, or that it’s the start of winter. All I know is that every year guaranteed a few days before my birthday there will be drama, there will be heartache.

Then on my birthday I will either be sick, or someone I am meant to be celebrating with will be sick. I don’t know if the 31st of May is a bad number or if it is just me.

This year I was planning to change it all. For the first time in four years I am happy, I feel more confident, I am discovering me again. I have a girlfriend who loves me, who is intelligent, kind, giving, beautiful, sexy & has a huge heart.

This was my thinking, let the past go. Now people will say that you make your own negativity, I don’t really agree with this, but I have not been, I have been looking forward to it.

So I have been positive, I have even just been letting the little things go. As if on queue on the 27th of May everything went to shit basically.

I won’t go into what happened exactly as part of it involves my daughter, as I am sure you can understand I will protect her like a mama bear.

Let’s just say, someone I trusted, respected, thought I knew, turned out to be someone else. I will not be verbally abused in my own driveway, my daughter paused what she was watching & heard everything through the glass door.

My girlfriend was out, I was in shock, my daughter beside herself. So now we are in this situation, I have been fighting for my wife to be given the best quality of life she can have.

Everything is now upside down. It has now completely steam rolled, last night I had a huge argument with my girlfriend, we both are exhausted for different reasons. So there goes the human touch we both need at the moment.

So Monday is my birthday, yay…. I am now completely convinced my birthday is cursed.

Was it really so much to ask to have one good day?

Scars on my skin.

The pain of past memories can not be contained

The scars are there for all to see, clearly on my skin

They used me, broke me, & threw me away

They can not take my determination to live life to the full

The journey starts with acknowledging what’s been done

If you hide the memories will find you when you are lying in the dark all alone

I started to heal with writing out what’s inside, if I can write it I can say it

This gave me my some power back to say, I am here, I am going to be strong

I questioned so many things on my journey, this is not easy, yes I have my power & life back

This journey will never end, but I choose to rise above, those three evil beings, will not take my future.


When you are walking down the street, browsing at the shops

Someone catches your eye, their beauty you have to admire

You know that you are only admiring, you know they would not look your way

Then they smile, you can see the inside is just as beautiful, you keep walking, just a memory in your mind

Until you see them again, you chat, they flirt a little, you think they are a natural flirt, it’s not because of me

What if they are? What if they see your beauty?

I am far from a catch, I am curvier then most, in both directions

I have so much baggage in so many different forms

I am not beautiful or pretty, just average, when this beautiful woman both inside & out so caring & attentive to the ones she looked after

Started flirting with me, I knew this was not because of me

It was to my surprise I was very wrong, I had done what we all do

I had undervalued myself, in my head made myself believe I was really nothing special

Now I know, I do have qualities I should be proud, do not undervalue yourself

Learn to love what others see in you, do not be ashamed of having self love.

Stronger then blood.

My blood contains my DNA, my biology

It flows through me, it replenishes itself

It cleans out my organs, my blood is essential

Your blood my dear does the same

You have litres of this inside you

Your blood & my blood are different

You do not have my blood, you do not have my biology

I did not give birth to you, but I was the first to hold you

I was so overwhelmed with love for you, we bonded straight away

My beautiful daughter it is not biology that makes a parent

It is how I love you, guide you, respect you

Most of all, give you all the nurturing I can

Believe in you, teach you to believe in yourself

You are not blood of my blood, you are my daughter, I am your mother

The bond we have is stronger then blood.

Torture of insomnia.

As I lie here in the dim light

My eyes are hurting, they are so dry

My head is starting the thump of a familiar rhythm

My body is sore, my muscles are so heavy

My back is aching, my joints have all started cracking

My hair seems to be thinning, I have never brushed out some much hair

My mind is the only part of me really on full speed

The problem is, it keeps doing its own things, when I think of things I have to do

I am presented with a think fog of vague awareness

My memory which is usually perfect, has caught a virus, no information can be retained

I roll over to try to get comfortable, I am met with a sudden hot flush

I kick the sheet off, the moment I do

There is nothing but doom, it’s a horrendous feeling, it won’t last long

It’s enough to get the anxiety pumping, the doom is worse then it sounds

I finally feel like I can sit up, drink some water, try to be calm

This is not a rarity for me, this is a common night for the last 12 months

I know one day I will sleep again, I just need to rest my head.

Hidden bliss.

I open my back door, glass sliding door, the fly screen is still closed

The smell of eucalyptus & gum trees come wafting in, surrounding me, & filling the house

I open the flatscreen & step outside, closing my eyes & breathing in deep through my nose

I can hear the trees moving with the wind, the kookaburras are having a great laugh

The cockatoos are there, sqwarking & eating any seeds or gum nuts they see

There is another, what is that call I can hear, I slowly open my eyes & look up

The rainbow lorikeet is soaring above, there must be 6 all flying around

The peace I feel within, from the smell, the sounds, & the nature all around

Nothing can replace this kind of peace,
It’s the peace of knowing you are home, within the great outdoors.

The secret stage – Perimenopause what are we told?

It seems there is a huge miscommunication between the medical profession & us women. They are all aware of the symptoms of Perimenopause, they are also aware many women can not function even close to what they used to whilst going through it.

Yet there is no real warning of how bad this can be, menopause we are told more about, Perimenopause comes first. I for one had no concept of what could happen or how I could feel, after connecting with hundreds of other women all around the world, all of us were taken by surprise, many of us thinking we were having a breakdown.

Somedays I feel so isolated & alone, other days I feel as if all is ok. I have constant pain, muscle cramps, twitches & severe spasming. Just three days ago, my muscles spasmed so incredibly bad, my body was almost jerking off the bed. If this was a once off I could deal with this ok, however this happens on a fortnightly basis at least, the cramps kick in after, then I am left twitching for a good 24 hours.

Then there is the vertigo that hits without warning at least once every two months, I have never experienced such a sickening & awful feeling, for those that have this all the time, I am astounded at their ability to thrive. After the vertigo, comes the migraine that is always the hang over, this leaves me in bed for at least 6 hours.

There are other things we can not forget, the bloating, the gas, the water retention, the pain all through my body, the constant cracking of bones that never used to happen. The pain of a spine that is put out by the muscle spasms.
I have always had a few allergies, but now they are so extreme, no more favorite foods for me. My anxiety is twice what is should be, the depression has caused severe self hate issues. My brain feels like it is in a constant fog, some days I just can’t seem to make a clear thought.

The tiredness, the fatigue is debilitating, the insomnia means I can very rarely get a good rest. You may be asking yourself what could this be, it sounds like a horrendous condition to me. This is one change in life that is not really talked about, this is called Perimenopause, it’s just before menopause. I happen to have a few severe symptoms which makes life a struggle some days, full time work is now part time.

The issue is, I am lucky, yes you read that right, I have met & spoken to women who are going through this with such severe symptoms they have had to put their lives on hold. Some have ended up in hospital, both for surgery & some because the depression, anxiety &  self hatred become far too much.

No one warns us women how bad this can be, no one seems to mention this at all, but if you google this you will find there is so much information & research available, so why does no one warm women of what is to come, how severe this can get? Why does no one warm the men of the world to look out for the women in their lives, that they will need them to be a shoulder to lean on.

I hope someone finds this if interest to take further, to put art to the issues I have told, I am more then happy to provide more information. This is a topic that needs to be discussed, that should not be hidden away. It is natural for women to go through this, so why can we not talk about it.

Love is imperfect.

Love is an emotion, it can fill us up or empty us out. Love is one of the few emotions that we can not always choose who we give it to, it has a life & mind all of its own.

Love can be fickle, play on our fears, or bring out our strengths, it can last a lifetime or just a month. Love is that feeling, when you touch someone you love in a intimate way, you can not get enough, the sound of their pleasure feels almost as good as your own.

The only surety with love is emotional pain & happiness. When you love you know at some stage you will be hurt, no matter how happy you are, it may not be intentional, sometimes all it takes is careless words spoken in anger.

So is love perfect? Yes it is the perfect emotion to drive us to be better, however no, it can cause such distress you can barely tolerate it.

Maybe in the end, it is perfect for a lifetime, as you learn more about each other, tolerate those little things you dislike. Maybe love was not meant to be short term.

Banish the sadness.

Those days when emotionally you are on the verge

You know everything is ok, but the tears still want to flow

It’s an awful feeling to have within, to hide the sadness

There is no understanding why the sadness is there

It just appears, takes over, leaving you hollow

These days I wish would never come, I want to ban them from within

If only life was that simple, if only our hormones would stay quiet

As a woman once you reach a certain age

These days become familiar, no matter your predisposition

You will learn to fight, to wrestle your happiness back

Trust those who love you, they will fill you up.

Calm the mind.

I sit down & close my eyes

I focus on the soft sound of the wind

I feel the breeze on my face

I can hear cows in the distance

I can hear no cars or machinery

No ringing phones or tv noise

I can hear the quiet of the mountain top

I can feel the dampness of the grass

I can smell that sweet grass smell

I open my eyes, the view

It stops my breath for a minute

The rolling hills they just seem to go on

They are almost alive with the patterns of the grass

The sun is starting to set, the colours are just about even with the top hill

I take a deep breath, I can calm my chaotic mind

I let thoughts just drift through, I don’t hang in to any

Finally I lie on my back

I enjoy the quiet & crisp cold air

I feel at peace, calm, refreshed

I know it is time to go, I will be back quite soon.

Family curse or blessing?

My family on my fathers side have a superstition in the blood lines, I always used to tell my Grandma that she was making things up, there was no way what she was saying was true. To me it was not something I wanted to think about, my imagination was far too active.

Here it is, generations ago when my family had just arrived in England, they were Vikings, they were very spiritual in their beliefs, so the story goes. They used to call on their elders, the ones that have passed, they called on their wisdom, strength, bravery & leadership.

The next generation did the same, but things started to change, they still called on the elders, but they were becoming aware of the religion starting to take hold. They swore to uphold the family tradition even if this meant keeping it all a secret, they would only call on the elders when absolutely needed, otherwise they would just block it all out.

There was a repercussion to ignoring all they have learnt, suddenly they started to hear voices inside their head, it was not their voice, as they all started to hear it, they started to discuss, they soon realized it was the voices of those that had passed, sometimes family & friends, other times it was not anyone they knew.

This stayed with the family, it would not leave, they learnt to control this, they learnt to call on the elders to assist when needed, they then learnt they could let some spirits finally rest, finally be free of what kept them here.

This was passed down through the generations until it became a gift only one would receive, upon the death of the one who held the gift, they would choose the next family member to take on this family superstition.

This story to me was a farce, this could not be true, until I was 12 & 4 months, I was at a birthday party, I was having such fun, I had my best dress on, my hair had been done, it was the first time I had been happy in weeks, at home my Grandma was slowly dying, she lived with us, it was hard to watch.

At exactly 14:05 just as I was having a laugh, about a balloon that had not worked, & it looked very odd, I suddenly burst into tears, not the tears from crying, it was sobbing, I felt ripped apart, I knew my Grandmother had died. I heard a voice whisper through my head, it is yours now my darling, I will always be with you, call me when you need me.

I knew what this was, I didn’t believe for some time, now I can tell you it is all very real, the great thing is I can always call on the loved ones I have lost.

Reminders of them.

There are moments we can not explain

There are things that happen with no reason

We look for the logic that has to be there

For the rationale to explain it

We even use our imagination to convince ourselves it never happened

Do you remember the last time a photo fell, no reason for this, it was secure in a frame, it could not fall of the wall

The photo was held down to ensure it could not blow away, the last time a family heirloom just appeared, you forgot you had it

There are not happenings you can ignore
These instances can not be explained by logic

There is a energy that exists, along side us as we walk through life

You will sense it every now & then, a familiar smell in the air, a distinctive feeling you had around a loved one

The ones we love who have passed on, they do not leave us here alone

They are here, sometimes they want to remind you of who you are,

Where you have come from, & that they are with you

Next time a photo falls with no reason, or you can smell a familiar scent or get that feeling

Don’t ignore it, open yourself to them, tell them you are ok, tell them you do feel them, you have not forgotten.

The forgotten souls.

He sits on the cold blue stone, an old cardboard box is his only comfort

His hair has been shaved, just a slight covering of short hair to protect his head

If you look close enough, you can see the blue tinge of cold skin

His shoes have holes, he had no socks on, his pants were dirty, the grime of the street had changed the colour from green to brown

His jacket is an old checkered shirt, tears are clear to see

You know when the wind blows he would feel it go through him

His jacket is torn, he tries to pull the jacket together, as he does another rip appears

A woman walks by, quickly her feet go, the sound of her heels getting quicker as she ignores what is right in front of her

She is determined to look straight ahead, pulling her daughter as quick as she can, the look of disgust on her face is clear, no effort is given to hiding this 

The girl looks at him confused, with concern in her eyes, has not been taught to fear him, or presume who & what he must be, he has no doubt the mother will instil this in her to ensure she is not lead astray 

This ignorance he is used to, the presumption of who and what he must be, the way they think he lives his life, the reason he must be homeless & unwashed 

He used to try to engage them in conversation, he doesn’t anymore, he just shakes his head as they walk on by

This was a behaviour he was used to, people found it easier to ignore him then face the failure of a neglectful society 

Too many like him, he thinks to himself have been forgotten, they live at a address unknown, they do not have a place to call home

They do not know where the next meal is coming from, or if they will eat at all

The hardest part he has to witness, is the younger generation appearing on the streets

If men & women like him don’t look out for them, they are prey for those with no morals

He thinks to himself, it would not take much to change a few things, change societies perception of those like him

To understand it is the minority that have addictions, most like him have been left with nothing, due to the failure of society, & a population that does seem to care about the likes of him.

Parents Day.

Today it’s Mother’s Day, I know how hard being a mum is, but really it should just be parent day. Families are all different.

For those who have bad times

For those that second guess themselves

For those who doubt themselves

For those who do it alone

For those who have ones with angel wings

For those who struggle every day yet somehow manage to get it done

For those that are a chosen parent

For those that have taken on others children & love them as their own

For the grandparents raising another generation

For those who are separated by distance, time or circumstances

This is for you, to remind you

You are doing great, you have no manual to follow

You do what you believe is right, no one else can ask anymore from you

You give unconditional love, you give them such care

For now give yourself a break, remember you are the best mum for them.

These children of ours will one day tell us how much they appreciate all we did

Happy Parents Day!!!!

Passion to love.

The passion of a new love is all consuming

It’s amazing how long this can last, the fire in your blood when you hear their voice

The way your stomach fills with butterflies when you see their car pull up

You constantly smooth your hair & clothes trying to be discreet

As time moves on you get into a routine, both of your lives changing to accommodate the relationship

Then you notice the passion of new love has gone, but if you are lucky like me

It is replaced with passion you know is real, long lasting passion

You may notice like me that the butterflies come round, not all the time, but quite often they appear

I still put the effort into making sure I look good, I want her to know I do that for her, to make sure she knows she is special

I try to make sure everything is as it should be, sometimes I get this not quite right

When you show her what she means, how much you appreciate & love her body, don’t hold back, make sure she knows you are wanting to please her

When you are done she should be so sated, her legs are jelly & she drifts into a slumber

The effort is there to make it clear, the passion is love, this love is real, I love you for all that you are, never change who you are, you are amazing the way you are.

Pain into beauty.

You hit me with your pain, I turn it into beauty

Do not think I am breakable, I am stronger then you know

When you push me to my limits, as you do every single person

I will not let you bring me down, I will not let you take my inner shine away

I know we are in your hands, as fate, you have many surprises in store

When you think I am about to break, my dear fate

With all the pressure I feel inside, I will turn my pain into diamonds, I will let them shine within.

Never a secret IVF baby.

The moment you were born, I fell in love with you, just like you love your favourite teddy

I knew your name as soon as I saw your face, just like you name your dolls as soon as you open them

I knew we were going to be a great team, just like when you met Percy Puppy, you knew you would have fun together

I knew you were going to be a chatter box, the moment you opened your mouth, your cry was healthy & strong, just like your cat, who cried loud when we met her, she wanted to be with you

The next thing I told you was that I love you morest & mostest, now before sleep we see who can say it fastest first

Then I told you, you have two loving Mums, you are so lucky, you have a donor but we do not know him

I told you what a special gift you are, you are a IVF baby, we waited 5 long years for you

As you grow you will come to know you have no dad, but you do have three loving uncles, & two loving grandfathers to guide you

I said all this then, I still say it now, you are proud of your family, you know there is no secret

Now when we talk, you have three Mums. We all love you, two of us guide you, and one loves you endlessly & cheers you on.

Pain interrupted.

Everyday I think of things to tell you

Everyday I know there is no text coming

Everyday I have moments where I feel empty

Everyday I remind myself I am your daughter

Everyday I tell myself how strong you were

Everyday I have a memory of laughter

I know you are saying

I will always be right here

I know may not see me, but I know you feel my presence

I am proud of you remember that

I know you have my strength

I always knew you had intelligence

I can see you are happy

I know this was a battle

It’s ok to grieve, we are all allowed to feel

When it’s time, let them watch you stand back up

Let them watch you flourish again.


I went for a stroll outside to see all that was about

I am sorry to report, there was not much going on

Except for old Mr Fox who as usual was trying to get around without his walking stick

Falling left & right, he keeps trying to walk forward, it is quite a laugh

We have all told him he needs to use a stick, or he can not seem to get around

He tells us all he is not that old, he can still walk quite easily alone

As I kept going I ran into a sight, there was old Mrs Koala at the bottom of the tree

I asked what she was doing, she told me she was trying to climb back up

Now we have all told Mrs Koala she needs to find a smaller tree, one that is not so wide

Mrs Koala tells us all, she is fine, she can still climb a big wide tree

I looked down the road, I thought well it’s n ot far now to get to the end

I could see the end of the road, it’s an old dirt road, not much happens here at all

As I got closer I did see a sight! Mr & Mrs Wombat trying to fight free of there burrow

They are quite old, they can not dig like they used to, the dirt here is so hard

We have all told them to move down the road, where the dirt is softer, & a borrow can be made

They have told us all it’s ok, we will be fine, we will just keep going

As I walking back to the house, Miss Rabbit came running up to me, to say some of the residents are upset

I walked over to find Mr Fox, Mrs Koala & Mr & Mrs Wombat all quite upset

I asked what was wrong, they were quick to inform that yes they are old, yes they are not as agile as they used to be

Yes they know that they can not do all they used to do, but they are not moving from their homes

They would be happy if the younger generation could help, rather then trying to make them move

Could they please just help them out instead? Don’t just make them move, surely they have earned some respect

I cleared my throat, & made it clear that yes they have earned respect, from now on we will all help out to make sure they do not need to move.

Magic of elements.

I tell you something, something secret, no one is really meant to know

Gnomes are magical, we can do all sorts of magic, we each have a skill with magic

We can change the elements, fire, wind, water & air quite lucky we are

I have a daughter called gnomez, now she is one of the blessed ones

She has the magic for all four, I have seen her do some incredible things

There was once a human boy, just a wee thing, he was climbing the tree

He was having such fun, all of a sudden his foot slipped & he was left hanging with one hand

He tried to hold on, but he was not strong enough, all too quickly he started to fall

Well Gnomez raced up, we can run fast did you know

She closed her eyes, & with all her concentration & will inside

She thrust the air his way, then she called the wind under him

He started to fall slower, by the time he was almost to the ground

She flipped him up, & he landed on his feet

So, now you know, if you could keep this secret to yourself, that would be grand.

Outside myself.

I am in a room of people, I can smell a mixture of cheap perfume, aftershave that has been applied heavily, there is a undertone of body odour from a day in the office

My feet are hurting, damm these heels! I know they look good, but they are not worth the pain, my hair is done up, for a change I decided to tie it up, not so much hair in my face

As I am about to go & find a drink, I notice out of the corner of my eye a woman looking back at me, she has put effort into how she looks, but her hair is messy, not smoothly tied up, & the make up, no there is no make up

I breathe & it hits me, that is me! I forgot make up, my hair is a bit of a mess, my top is a too loose, my pant…. STOP

All of a sudden the anxiety express starts, my breathing starts to increase, there is a layer of sweat on my hands, the room is hot, too hot, my chest, the pain is starting again

I struggle to get out the door, walking into people & spilling drinks, I know everyone is looking, wondering who invited the crazy girl

They will be thinking I look like a mess, no effort put into how I look, they will think I am drunk, the reason I can’t walk straight

I get outside, I sit down & curl my knees up, I know what I have to do now, talk the anxiety back into it’s box

As hard as I try, the anxiety keeps clawing & biting, taking all my strength, until with one last try down it goes, time for me to go, I can make it home

This is the reason I stay at home, I can only go out when I am feeling strong, stronger then anxiety.

Numbness defeated.

As she lay in bed she could feel her body & mind changing, after the last 48 hours she desperately needed this reprieve. It wasn’t that she wasn’t used to her emotions overwhelming her, she just hated the numbness they brought with them.

She often just let this take over, let is the wrong word, she often felt like she had no control over this numbness taking over her, & she hated it, whenever this happened she just walked away from relationships, it was too much.

This time things were different, her partner had taken the time to read about & learn how numbness can be sent packing.

No one else, including herself had ever even given this any time, no one bothered to understand her mental health, but this one, she did, & it changed everything.

There was a way to stop the numbness taking over, & she was not alone, to know so many others struggled with this made her feel more normal, more understood.

This time when her emotions started to take over she didn’t have to fight the numbness, after fighting it several times her mind knew what to do. It was not something she even really had to think about.

Lying in bed the sense of relief is huge, oh she knows there will be times she has to fight it, but not this time.

The love she has for her partner is filling her heart, not the emptiness she is used to after some bad arguments. She wants to cuddle her partner let her know she loves her.

This is new, this is how it should be she thought. She knows she is lucky, she knows this is a moment to remember.


Some days it seems like I am just flooded with memories, something starts them off, & they just don’t stop.

It’s a double edged sword having an almost photographic memory. I remember everything people say to me, even the little things that don’t matter. What I love most, I remember every moment of watching my daughter grow.

The other side is I remember all the ugly things from my life. All the moments I want to forget, the moments that you realise you were right about someone, they were not who you thought they were.

It could be something someone said or did, maybe just a smell or a taste. Then one of those memories will start up, playing like a movie in your mind.

Before you know it, you are flooded by memories, the emotions start, you can feel the tears start to build, your chest gets tighter, you start to feel empty, yet there is pain & that feeling of being betrayed. This all happens at once, before you know it, you are wanting to just curl up & go to sleep.

Does anyone else experience this? Or is it just me? Am I the only one that associates smell with memories? I don’t think I could be, as the sense of smell is the most reliable memory, according to experts.

So today, I had a really good day, then I was hit with all of this. For an hour or so I was too overwhelmed to do much about it, then I said no, not today. If this was a PTSD memory I would not have been able to.

So here I sit, starting to feel more me again. I am aware that not everyone can turn their moods around, my father taught me so many things, this was something he taught me, as my mind is like his, it never stops.

You also may have noticed, I love a good filter! 😏

Sometimes you get lucky.

The last few weeks have been so up & down, mental health has been all over the place for the whole household, & for me as well perimenopause. It’s horrendous.

However last week everything took a turn for the better, everything settled, no arguments, everyone was happy, it was a different household.

This is when sometimes you get lucky, it’s been a process to get here, for both my partner & myself to adjust to everything, to the changes that were thrust upon us at the start of the year.

We knew we would move in together at some point, the timing just had to be right to make sure not only was it right for us, but my 10 year old daughter.

However fate disagreed, my partners brother, who was living with her, & paying rent, which paid part of the mortgage suddenly passed away at the age of 34.

Within 48 hours of this a decision had to be made, does she move in here, or try to pay a mortgage alone. The answer to most would be clear, but you don’t want to move in with your partner under these sort of circumstances.

We made the decision, by the end of the week we were officially living together. The mood in the house was depressive to say the least, 24 hours after her brother died my father died.

You want your partners support going through such grief, we were both frustrated that we could not have this as it should be, as we were both in such deep grief.

We worked through it, made changes, cleared things up, most of all, we learnt the best way for us to communicate.

So, as much as this year has been a struggle, I still feel lucky. I still feel as though I have been given a second chance.

Bridging love and lust

You kiss me hard

as you unbutton my shirt

expertly slip off my bra

and pull up my skirt

I lead you to our bed

Sit you down on the edge

and start to explore

I take my time whilst I can

We both know you will be deliciously ready soon

My lips press into every inch of you

As you start moving your hips in desire

As vulnerable as you are lying there

exposed, legs apart

Not anything I see other then love & lust in your eyes

I pull you up, move your back up against our headboard

I slowly start to make my way down to your ready core

I know you want to watch, to see how much I enjoy tasting you

You love to watch me licking you

I lick extra slow, the feeling I get knowing you are watching

Starts me squirming, I know this won’t be for long

As soon as you start riding me, I can’t help but let me body release

The moment I do, I feel you shudder in pleasure

I taste all of you, I swirl my tongue around inside you

as you grab my hand

Squeezing mine as you reach your climax

I know this is just the first, the warm up release

I plan to ensure you are licked dry by the time I am through

As you roll your head back in pleasure

I start changing my rhythm again

As I start your body reacts

I know your body is getting ready again

After we are both sated, we lie bodies entangled, our love a bridge glowing between us.

You are safe with me.

The way the light skimmed over your curves, the light of the sun caressing each curve

The way it lit up your skin, every part of your soft skin exposed seemed to be shimmering

It was memorising to see, your perfect body reflected at me, I feel so fortunate to be the one you have chosen

Your skin was showing me exactly how soft & touchable it is

Breathing even & deep, your hands are softly lying on the sheet, fingers slightly bent

Your long legs are almost stretched out, just a slight bend at the knee, your favourite way to lie

Your hips are lying towards the sheet, you will move on to your stomach in your sleep

Your lips are slightly parted, plump & kissable your lips always look like an invitation to me

You slowly move one arm, you are deep asleep, yet your hand starts searching for me

I take your hand, I rub your back, you let out a deep breath, relaxing that much more

You make a small sound, it is the sound of contentment

This is all I need to hear and see, this is all I need to fall into my own deep slumber

Before I do I appreciate the most amazing part of you, the light inside of you

This burns bright, you love so passionately and fully, you are so loyal and protective of our family

This is what I love most, you love me I know, you also love my girl, who now is our girl

She adores you and loves you, just like you do her, your guidance and assurance you give to her

This has changed her life. As you lie in the sun, as my eyes close, I know we are lucky, and she is lucky to have 3 Mums.

Kick out the doubt.

Don’t worry, there is nothing to fear

I live inside you, I am the one that taunts you

Inside your head, who makes you question yourself

Who makes you doubt those around you

Do not be afraid, I just needed to stretch

I felt as if you were trying to push me out

My space inside was getting smaller and smaller

Almost as if you were taking back control

I promise you now, that I will fight to keep control, there is nothing you can do or feel to banish me

I exist inside you, I am part of you, I am sure you love me

Love is such an odd emotion, if that’s what I feel you have towards me

I do not think this is quite right, as lately there is a new feeling inside

It really makes me very sick, I can not tolerate this pure feeling

So if you don’t mind, please allow me some more room, & stop this pure, happy feeling

I would appreciate it

You will hear from me again soon I can assure you

Just as soon as I find out why I am locked out.

My quiet place.

I sit in silence under the tree

I have my back against the rough bark

I can feel the different textures of bark through my tee shirt

I have my eyes closed

But I know this tree

It’s so big I can’t fit my arms around it

It’s trunk is strong, it’s tall & wide

There aren’t many branches until you look further up

The top of the tree is full of big branches, all covered with green leaves

Once in awhile you will see a koala sitting up there

I can hear the wind building getting ready to blow

As it starts the slight smell of eucalyptus starts wafting

As it gets stronger I can hear the leaves rustling, I can imagine them dancing in the wind

As the wind gets stronger I hear the big branches start to creak

This is the moment I look up & open my eyes

To watch the majestic tree dance in the wind

I feel at peace, I breathe in the strong smell of eucalyptus

I take in all the different green of the leaves

This is where my mind is finally still & quiet

This is my quiet, this is my place to be completely still & quiet.

Spiritual Visit.

I sit down at the table outside, it’s dark, the moon is so bright, it’s one of those nights you can see clearly in the dark

The cold tonight is chilling, I can feel it seeping in to me, taking my heat away

Just then I hear a loud hoot hoot, the owls are starting up the nightly hunt, I know when I go to bed I will hear there song all night long

The owls are very fond of the old tree by my bedroom window, I know I am so lucky

I know all the other animals are out, jumping, hopping & walking, going about their nightly routine

Just as I am about to stand, it’s far too cold tonight, almost as if the temperature suddenly dropped, a strange feeling comes over me

I know I am not alone, there are animals all around, many eyes I can’t see are watching me

No, this is not what I feel, I feel the presence of and soul

One that used to roam this land, who treated the land with respect

Who gave thanks for all he had, who returned all he took back to the land

Who only took what he needed, never more, never fulfilling a want

No, he is one who knew how this land should be loved, should be given more each day to survive

I can feel his worry, his sorrow for the land he loved, the land he taught his children to love & respect

I can feel his dismay that the land is withering away, that too many wants are being meet

I can feel so deeply within me, how he is devastated from all he sees

How the pain he feels inside for the land, is the same for him as if he is losing a loved one

I can feel his confusion, how did we get it so wrong, he is confused as to why respect is not shown to the land that provides us with so much of what we need

I go to open my mouth, to try to say, I can feel you, I know you are there, I understand your confusion, devastation & grief

I know I should, instead I say I can feel you, I too feel the same as you, I wish I could explain

The only reassurance I can give you, is some of us are trying to make it right

I am sorry for all you see, I am sorry the land has been abused

Please, take my apologies & try to find some peace, visit with the animals before you go

I am sure they will have their own stories to tell of what you see

Thank you for loving this land, I will take your hurt, & turn it into resolution

To make sure I teach my daughter how to love her land

One seems such a small number, sometimes one is all it takes.


I woke up to a room, the colour was gold, I knew this room was cream

It took me a minute, then it clicked, it was sunrise of course

I had stayed at my parents house, it was the morning after my father’s funeral

Sunrise was special to Dad, he made a point of watching it, telling me the sun on the sea is gods fingers

I reached over, unlocked the sliding door in my parents spare room & let the air in

The smell of the sea filled the room, I could hear the waves crashing, I knew this will be no ordinary sunrise, it’s the morning after Dads funeral

I stepped out the glass sliding door, keeping my head down

I walked over the cool outdoor tiles, feeling the roughness of dried salt water on my feet

I stood at their fence, it reaches to just above my waist

I take a deep breath, inhaling the sea air again, I raise my head, I finally open my eyes

My eyes are seeing something so beautiful my brain is not quite understanding

The sun is gold, there is a beautiful light gold halo around the sun, this changes to a light red

The sun is stretching its fingers, I trace them with my eyes

The reflection on the sea is that same as in the sky

I am looking at a double sunrise, the sea is calm the reflection not moving

I can’t help but be overcome, the beauty memorising

I knew in my heart, Dad was saying it’s ok, I am ok, you are too my beautiful daughter.


Trigger warning sexual assault.

In case you missed the above this could be a trigger for sexual assault survivors.

PTSD four little letters, the meaning most people seem to think it must be combat related.

This is so wrong, I do not understand why they don’t see trauma as a whole, any trauma can cause PTSD.

For me, well I have 2, one more recent & I 20 years ago.

You know that girl you see at parties in your 20’s, she is confident, an extravert, can make anyone smile, she actually cares about people, she makes people feel listened to.

I was that girl, people have always just opened up to me. Always feeling comfortable around me, I never said no, people need to be heard.

On such a night at a party, I was being me, when a ‘friend’ asked if he could talk to me alone. He had a girlfriend, he has often been very open, he had earned my trust.

I am not going to go into details, I don’t really want to or feel it’s necessary. I did say yes, I did go to chat with him. That is the only thing I said yes to, to talk.

He made it very clear he was not a fan of lesbians that night, something I was not aware of.

Yes this was assault & a gay hate crime.

I ran home that night, I only told one person, I felt ashamed, I felt degraded, I felt dirty & I was sure the authorities would just think, oh another hate crime.

The authorities were not great at dealing with gay hate crimes in the 90’s, often they went unreported because of this, & the way women were treated when they did come forward.

I kept it to myself for 7 years until I had a breakdown. There is only so long you can keep it all inside.

I finally told my partner, then my parents. My parents were beside themselves, my dad felt like he should have protected me, my mum was upset she hadn’t pushed me, she knew something was very wrong.

I was no longer the extravert, the confident girl, I was the anxiety ridden one in the corner. Trying to hide from people I didn’t know, & some I did.

It has taken years to get to a stage where I can talk about it, & not break down. Actually be able to move on as much as I can.

Then something will happen, for me a trigger I was not expecting, I thought I was ok, no I was not. It built up, depression kicked in, then bang, every single moment of that night is a movie on repeat in my mind.

Now I start the road back again, I wish it was that easy. This road is so narrow, with cliffs on either side, if you fall, you start all over again.

It’s a steep road, exhausting to climb, it will take every bit of your strength to make it. Not just physically, it’s your mental strength. It will push you off if it can.

So, I am going to get ready, try to pull what strength I have together, find strength in those around me that love me.

Let my girlfriend hold me in her arms & give me some peace. Let me soothe the open wound.

This is my story, my journey. Every person’s story & journey is different.

We all do have one thing in common, we know we are all climbing all the time, we all gather our strength when we can. We all know how it feels to fall, but also how it feels to reach the summit.


To my girlfriend, Babe you are even more then I can express. Thank you for loving me, accepting me & my situation. For taking on being a Mum & you have blown me away. Xo

This woman of mine is a force of nature, one of a kind, the sort of woman you dream of but is never real.

This woman is real, her flesh is soft & she tastes of honey.

Her eyes sparkle in the sun, she saves a special smile just for me.

To my woman you have my heart, you stand tall everyday as you have come further then you know.

To face your fear in the eyes

And know that you are stronger then you believe

I will be right here beside you, I will listen have patience

I will show kindness, love & care

I will be your strength when you feel weak, I will pull you up when you feel low

Do not doubt my commitment to you

From here on it will be you & me

Don’t ever feel you are not enough to me my love you are more then enough.

You have given yourself a path in life that was unexpected, you have done this for me.


Ever been so hurt you can’t cry, you can’t move, you are stuck

Stuck in no mans land full of pain, rejection & emptiness

The person who hurt you is standing right there, they are not aware you can not move

They have gone into another place, they have dissociated

This was not their intent, they did not mean to, but in a moment of anger

To protect themselves, without meaning to they locked the emotions away

The way they look at you, the love is just not there, locked up for the moment

Along with the care & understanding, they are right there watching you cry

It hurts, it cuts so deep you can’t express the pain you are in

They just don’t seem to care at all, this is like jagged glass cutting your heart in half

The pain goes into your every cell, you can feel yourself slipping straight into the dark hole

The pain is so intense it almost knocks you out, maybe that would be better you think

Then a little part of you remembers it’s not their fault

This is a part of them they can’t always control

They can control coming back, you know this inside

You know they want to, but the resistance within them is so strong

You are the anchor to their ship that tries to sail away

Stand up out of that dark hole, don’t let them look away

Show them your pain, show them you care, show them you will be there

Take them in your arms, let them relax & feel safe for a minute

Then ask them to look within, to find the embers of the fire that burns for you

Tell them to Stoke that fire, bring them back to you

As hard as it is, you know this will happen again, you will need to rescue them

You know also that the love you have is more fulfilling & joyous then the occasional pain of the disassociation.

Triggers – living with PTSD.

I have been living with PTSD for 20 years. I generally have control over this as it’s something I’ve learnt over the years. But sometimes in life something will happen or someone says something.

Working in customer service for a government organisation, I didn’t think anything would happen that would trigger me. Today I learnt I was wrong. A distressed mother called in, and she talking about her daughter and something that’s happened to her and it’s the similar , very similar to my trauma.

She’s obviously not aware of my own experiences or my own mental health issues, why would she be, she doesn’t know me I don’t know her.

The way she was talking made it clear that she was unsure what to do, where to go, who to speak to, how to get help how to help. The issue for me was the biggest issue she called the wrong place she called a place that could not help her.

As in this is not an issue that we deal with. There are some departments where I work that would deal with traumatic events on a basis of referring that person to the correct service or psychologist. It’s not something they would do on an ongoing basis.

So as you can imagine this is not something I ever expected to get a call on and it threw me. All of a sudden I was plunged back into the memories and the pain of my own trauma.

It wasn’t just my trauma I was thinking what if it was my daughter. What if my daughter went through a similar trauma, how would I react?

I would panic, I would do everything I could to make sure she has the all the help she needs, if she told me.

It dawned on me not only can we not protect our children from everything as they get older, once they are an adult doing there own things, living their own life, but how do we make sure she tells us if something happens.

I didn’t tell my parents for years I was ashamed, & felt like I had done something wrong, & I knew how distressed they would be.

So, for me this is something I really need to figure out, our daughter is very open, but she is 10, when she is 20 that could be very different.

By the time she is a teenager we need to ensure she feels safe talking to us, & knowing we won’t judge or get angry, we will listen first.

We will make sure she knows that we will support her in every way we can. My parents did this, but it was a different time 20 years ago, some things were not talked about.

My own trauma is my trauma, I deal with this, & I do not hide I have mental health issues from our daughter. Hopefully by showing our daughter how to live & be happy with all sorts of issues, she will feel comfortable talking about everything.

At least that is my hope.


One subject I receive direct messages about is honesty, how being so honest & raw is quite hard, & how much they appreciate that I am.

It does take guts to be completely honest, no holes barred, just the raw emotion. I run on emotions, I feel everything very deeply, & I am hurt easily by those I love.

Sometimes I do write when I am in that place of hurt, a relationship is not all roses, if you really love someone, you will be hurt.

It’s not a bad thing to be hurt, I am not talking about the the big things, I am talking about little things, you feeling they were critical of you, when all they did was ask if you remembered to do something.

When you commit to someone this is something to remember, you will be hurt, you will get angry & you will argue.

You will also laugh, you will love, have fun, explore each other’s body in the most pleasurable way. You will have more good times then bad.

So for me honesty is important, & when I write I write from the heart, the hurt, the pleasure or the emotions involved.

It is hard to bare your soul, but I think it is important to be honest & vulnerable, I want to teach my daughter to be honest.

Not to hide how she is feeling, allow herself to feel things, so she never has to give herself permission to be happy, it’s an emotion she will just feel, along with depression if or when it comes calling. She will be able to voice it, talk about it.

I see others who are honest & I always make a point of saying thank you, as sometimes it is not easy.

As for how my partner feels having my emotions & the effect she has written about for everyone to read? She is in awe, as to her being able to express herself clearly emotionally has always been a struggle.

Emotions flooded me this week.

It’s been one of those weeks, everything is going great in life, seems almost too great. Of course this is the reality of life.

You know the minute everything is in synch that something is about to fall out of sync. It’s a double edged sword, I know I try to appreciate the great times in life, trying not to even think about something going a stray.

So this week, my little writing passion took a big leap forward, my employment I was asked to commit further hours, my daughter is as happy as can be, my relationship is great, both of us having mental health issues it can be rocky at times.

That is of course what happened, both of us feeling exhausted & emotional took what the other said the wrong way.

However neither of us really thought about what we were saying & how the other may interrupt what was said. We are like chalk & cheese in many areas in life, the way we think is no different.

I am overally emotional, my partner can seem very unemotional, this can rub the wrong way.

We love each, respect each other, we generally communicate well. We don’t take each other for granted, we appreciate each other.

For me I learnt a lesson I already knew, we both did, we just needed to be reminded.

Think about what you say before you say it, when you are reactive & emotional. Take the time to think how the person reading or hearing it will interrupt what you have said.

If both of us had done this, we would still be waiting for something to fall out of sync.

Just for my two cents, even when you do argue, make sure your partner knows that you still love them, your life is with them. An argument can really bring out insecurities.

I am.

The feeling deep inside, the feeling of your emotions running loose

They seem to run around, all through your body, they always overrun your mind, heart & stomach

Before you know what’s hit you, tears are welling behind your eyes

Your heart feels like it missed a beat, aching for what’s missing, for what has broken & torn you wide open

Then you feel all of it, all the pain rips through you, it’s a hurricane of shards of glass, there is no stopping this pain

Once you can breathe, you try, it hurts, things were said & done in anger, these can not be taken back

Today is a new day, but the pain is raw, the affection seems distant, you struggle to get through the day

All of a sudden it hits again.

When we are loved, we need to accept that arguments happen, we all say things in anger & hurt

When the argument is finished, never forget to tell each other how you feel, remember to show affection.

You will have a great love if you can remember to be loving always.

The Old Blue Stone Path.

For every woman who doubts themselves like I do. I wrote this for me.

As she looked down she could see the mark of so many feet that had walked the blue stone path before her

As she kept looking she could see how worn & smooth it was, like the water sculpts the rocks

The edges of the stone was still rough, not used as much, they were keeping the stone together, just like it’s backbone, the rougher bit in the middle, feet walked on either side

Yes she thought the stone is old & worn, yet still a beautiful blue, still useful & needed

All of a sudden in her head she had a thought, she had been struggling with feeling useless & old  

She realised yes, she had her worn parts, she had been through a lot, it had all left it’s mark

Her backbone was still strong, she had beauty in her own way if you looked closer, her edges could be rough

She knew she could be a little cranky & reactive at times

But here were these stones, so useful & needed, they were reliable, strong, always there

She understood that she was the same, she was all that these beautiful blue stones are & more.

The love of a lifetime – dedicated to a special family friend.

There are some people who meet in life who are just meant to be together, their energies mix together, with no thought at all

They meet sometimes when they are too young, too early to make a life long commitment

The love is strong, they do not realise this will stay with them, when they meet again their energy attaches to one another

She is soft, so beautiful, a slight accent can be heard, as generous with all she has, sometimes to a fault

She is light, comfort, a force of nature in his eyes, his future he can see the minute they meet again, his soul calling hers to come & be as one

He is a tall strapping man, she can’t help but to stare, she can feel the pull of 2 souls that should be together

He is her safety, her protector from the harshness of life, he will not let her struggle in her life she knows

Together they make a new life, blissful happiness can seem like a dream to so many, they have no struggle to live in blissful love

As life goes on, tragically the unexpected can happen, deaths in the family of younger ones, children who struggle to make it on their own

They know together they can get through all of the pain, together they know they are stronger, together they are one

Late in life our bodies do change, our health is not the same, bones broken are harder to heal, other ailments do appear these are sometimes harder to see

For 2 souls who are together as one, this can be heartbreaking to see

For him he hates to see her struggling with the simplest tasks, the every day occurrence not seeming so effortless now

For her, she is in awe, he stands by her, he lifts her up, he gives her a reason to make the effort, he gives her the strength she needs inside everyday

Life is such a fickle mistress, you never know what she will do next, but when you see 2 souls as 1, she can change things all she likes

There will be no breaking of these 2, they will stand strong, they will love each other in such a way, it is like breathing, no effort is needed, their love is pure, no darkness will seep in

The peace in their souls will not be disturbed, this kind of love is rare to see, it will last well beyond the length of life.

Own it!!!

I looked in the mirror & sighed, I was all lumps, bumps & boobs. It seemed I had 3 chins & a tired look on my face

The bags underneath my eyes were looking so dark & obvious, there were extra wrinkles around my eyes

I lifted my arm, I swear it wobbled, like a flag of fat blowing in the breeze

My legs were looking like tree trunks, where had my ankles gone?

I had to just stop for a minute, hang on I said to myself, who are you? How strong are you? Are you a survivor?

Hell yes!! I said in my head, I have been through more then most.

Right, said a little voice inside my head, stop with the self depreciation, stop with the negative, the voice was getting louder, you are in control, take back your own self.

I closed my eyes. I took a deep breath, I slowly opened my eyes & looked in the mirror.

Look at you, you are strong, relsiliant. You are caring & loving, you are generous & talented.

So what if you have lumps & bumps, your body is your story.

Own your story.

To reach the summit.

In life it is great to have dreams, to aspire to work towards a goal, to keep yourself focused.

For me, I let my dream go a long time ago, why? It was firmly drilled into me at school, & by others you can make a living from writing, it’s an industry you can not break into.

So instead I have worked jobs I haven’t really loved, continually jumping jobs every 2 – 3 years as I was not pushed, my intelligence & other skills were never really used to the full potential.

To me, it would have cost my mental health more to have a dream job I could never have, never reach, not be relatable to others at all, & definitely not make a living from.

However in other ways it has cost me a lot, my self esteem & self belief have suffered as I knew I was not reaching my full potential.

That frustration is what started EllPoet website, & me having the confidence to show the world my work.

By doing this I put in motion a series of events that has changed my life, given me self belief again, & given me my self esteem back.

I have recently been offered a job to be the Poet in residence, for an organisation aimed at giving young people back control over their lives, & guiding them to be the best they can be.

This is huge for me, a company is going to pay me to write. Write as many poems, short stories, & proses that I want to, & help guide young people with their writing at the same time.

The huge smile on my face has not gone away for 48 hours, this is why we write.

To express ourselves, to encourage others to express themselves, to give an outlet to our frustrations, our emotions good & bad, to let someone know we love them, to write about beauty in all things, grief, loss, wisdom, anything we can make a great piece of art out of.

I am so thankful for this opportunity, also for this community. The writing community is a very supportive community. I will continue to post on here, to keep encouraging others like you have all encouraged me.

Thank you.


My heart is hurting, that empty pain you feel inside, the feeling of being alone

I can see you, smell you & hear you, you are right there next to me

Your back is to me, I see more of your back then your face recently 

I can’t get near you, your emotions are dimmed, as if a fire has been extinguished 

I have been so happy, I feel like finally good things are happening to me

You never really acknowledged this, you said you were proud, you even had the look of love again for a minute 

There was no hug, no kiss, no trying to celebrate me, sometimes I want to feel special too, I feel defeated 

How is it that you didn’t want to hug or kiss me? 

What have I done to be so left alone?

Surprise gift.

My father passed away in January. We were very close, he was not only my father, he was my mentor, he really helped me control the beast that is bipola.

He was a incredibly smart man, he was a genius, this was clear by the people that sought him out to consult on political campaigns, business in change management, giving talks at businesses, the list could go on.

As a big of a ‘hobby’ he used to help out his friends with their businesses or the project they were working on.

I received a call today from a very close friend of his, Dad was starting to help him rebrand a company, focusing on the mental health of young people.

I excepted it to be a quick hello & checking in with me.


He quickly proceeded to ask me if I could step into my dads shoes, & help him with the rebranding. I have no experience in this field, however he is a genius, he knows me, he believes I can do it.

So the first challenge is leading to believe in myself. I just need to get past the shock of being asked to do this, & feeling overwhelmingly humbled.


As I look back over the past 18 months, so much has changed.

I am a very social soul by nature, however I have always been more comfortable on the other end of the phone, or having a few friends at home.

For me, who had been thrust into being a single mum due to tragic circumstances 18 months before, being at home was somewhat a welcome break. I could just be at home, work at home, everything!

Of course I felt lonely, I had become accustomed to that feeling.

Most people have said how much their relationship suffered, how being together all the time was an eye opener. I did not envy them, until a beautiful woman knocked me down.

We met in unusual circumstances, during a pandemic there is no other way to meet, we had met briefly before, she knew my story well.

We were talking when I was visiting my wife, in the facility she now lives, unable to move or talk, all of that was taken in a flash. This woman was saying, like so many others, she could not get basic food.

I explained that I had enough to share of the basics she might need, she quickly accepted my offer, we exchanged details, she said she would be over after work.

She came at 4pm & left at 3am. We kept talking online, when she asked if I had considered a relationship again.

That was that, here we are, blissfully happy, she knows she shares me with another, it is a unique situation.

Unique in so many ways, both of us have bipola, I have PTSD & anxiety. This could be complicated, which is why communication & always working on our relationship is the way we make sure we are ok.

I somehow found happiness again, during the darkest of times for society.

One of those nights.


It has been one of those bipola nights, unable to sleep, feeling overly emotional about everything. Feeling like everything is my fault.

For my partner who is great, my emotions can be too much at times, she will mention one little issue that is nothing in the scheme of things, & I will break down in tears.

Now I know this is also the perimenopause, however bipola is the biggest culprit. It doesn’t just stop at being emotional, my mind will not rest, flashing before my eyes is every way things could go wrong, & I will be heartbroken again.

Now I know in reality this is unlikely, as we all know, relationships sometimes fall apart. We are very much a couple in love, with respect & understanding.

However my mind is trying to convince me otherwise. In response to that along comes the sobbing, then anxiety, then the feeling of darkness. I know I have to control this.

For me there are a few ways I can control this, let myself have a good cry, have a sob, let it out! I can tell myself to get it together, distract my mind with something engaging, however this approach is flawed, our minds can outsmart us. So I have decided at 6:45am, I am going to go & snuggle up to my partner, she will wrap me in her arms, & I will feel loved.

For the moment that is enough. I know it will calm the storm, after some rest, my energy will return, & I can tackle the beast of bipola again.

Resilience of a child’s heart.

As I sit here on my deck, seeing the trees dance in the wind, the branches every now & then make a creaking sound

The grass is green, it’s just been mowed, the smell of freshly mowed grass lingers in the air

I can hear the native birds flying above, playing in the sky, like tiny kites that dip & flow at will, calling to each other as they soar effortlessly

I reach for my coffee, I can smell the divine scent, the first taste is bliss, it lingers on my tongue, the bitterness I can taste then the sweetness of sugar, finally the creaminess of milk that makes my coffee perfect

Days like this I feel whole, I feel light, there is happiness within me, there is no effort to notice the beauty all around me, my senses are picking up every bit

This is not an everyday occurrence, not for one that struggles with demons in my head, the ones that dull your senses to make it seem the world is dark & lonely

On days like today, I take the extra time, to notice the beauty that is there everyday all around me, not to ignore the little things, as I notice a small finch flying in the white roses, rainbow colours streak as they dart

I am grateful for a day of colour, a day without the heaviness of darkness inside, no weight to pull me down, nothing to make me feel even moving is too much

Just as I am about to have another drink, my hand is almost at the handle of my favourite mug

I hear the happiest sound, running feet & a excited Mummy! School has finished, here come my constant sunshine

The smile on her 10 year old face is full of happiness & love, she runs for a cuddle

I can smell she has been active today, I can feel the softness of her hair as I kiss the top of her head

I know she has been through more loss & heartbreak then many adults can handle, yet there she is as happy as can be

Her hug is as tight as she can make it, she & I love our tight hugs, when you have been through so much together, a hug becomes more of a reminder all is ok

The hug is so fleeting as she has others to greet, she runs off too find her bonus mum, a woman that changed our lives, a small black fluffy dog is her constant companion, running to keep up with her excited steps

I remind myself not to take for granted days like today, it is so easy to not take the time to let my senses take over, I know that I need to notice the joy all around me

Tomorrow may be the same, it could be better

Or it could dump me down into the black hole of despair again.


I wait in anticipation for you to talk through the door, I have brushed my hair, I have changed my clothes

My heart is beating a little faster, without realising it a smile is on my face, I feel light, my stomach is all fluttery

Then I hear your car, I hear the music & can imagine how you look, I love the way you bop your head, you move as much as you can

Your sunglasses will be on, you look like a dream in those glasses, all long blonde hair, beautiful face, long legs that I love

I wait for you to walk in the door, sometimes you wait for a while before coming in

Then as you walk up to the back door, you take my breath away again, not just your beauty that is plain to see, but the light that shines within 

I try to act casual, it’s been over a year together, but inside I am a bundle of nerves wanting to be in your arms 

When you look at me, I can see you feel just like I do, as I hug you I hear you sigh, you let go of the stress of the day, you know you are home, you can let go.

Time for us, to be us, & be silly!!

I am somewhat exhausted today, trying to parent, be a partner work & write. That’s what I do, just do everything at once.

Yesterday our daughter has gone away for 6 days with her grandparents, my partner & I have time for us, as much as we miss her like crazy.

We need this time to refresh, step back, slow down for a few days. Spend time as a couple not parents.

It’s easy as parents not to work on your relationship as much as we should, which is why time like this is important.

In a relationship like mine it is extra important.

My story is not a happy story over the last 4 years, & one day I will write more. So here is a short version.

I have been married for 16 years, in 2018 my wife needed a short 1/2 hour surgery, nothing major just a splint in her sphincter of oddi due to ongoing pain.

We were told there was a chance of complications, she was 35, fit, healthy, that wouldn’t happen to us.

We were wrong, after 3 months in ICU, then HDU then rehab, she is now in a nursing home as she can no longer talk & has basically no movement, with a severe acquired brain injury.

Our daughter & I visit regularly, & she is as happy as she can be I think, never really sure.

I never thought I would meet anyone else, in fact I hadn’t really thought about it, until I met an incredible woman, who also understands she shares me with my wife.

For us to have this time alone is so important, just to be together. To be us, & not worry about other things, to just be together, no interruptions.

The whole point of this post, is to say sometimes you need a day or 2 off from everything, for me today & tomorrow will be my days off.

To spend with my partner, put music on loud, we both love rap & heavy metal, laugh & love & be silly.

Enjoy the times you have with your partner, remember not to take it for granted.

The scars of trauma.

As hard as I try to lay my head down to sleep, the pictures inside my head refuse to cease

The pain & fear I felt then, is filling my body & soul again, the smells are coming back to haunt me

I can feel the iron grip of my biggest foe, the anxiety that I always keep just below my skin, it’s a beast inside that scratches & bites to come out

I always thought this would be my life, who wants to love a damaged soul, a person with scarred skin, & a soul that I am sure has a black mark end to end

Then you knocked on my door, you were respectful & gave me time, as is without a word you understood, you saw I had so much pain inside, I had no belief I could be loved

When I finally gave in, I finally found my safe haven to aid my sleep, not only to keep the beast at bay, but when the nightmares kicked in, you were there softly bringing me back

It was not easy, I fought to accept you could love someone as damaged as me

I tried to hide my scars, the physical scars are not so easy to hide away, they are there for all to see, to me they are all I see

You wouldn’t have this, you told me time & time again, you loved me scars & all, you made it clear to you the scars on me were just another piece of my map

You told me, they are just apart of you, they are not who you are, you are more then that, you are so much more that you realise

When I finally let that sink in, I gave myself permission to be loved

To be happy within, to trust another soul, to finally let down my walls, to give myself permission to be happy & loved.

There is a time to grieve.

For Mum. Thank you for your endless love & care.

Her light blonde hair lightly brushes her shoulders as she walks up the hallway, freshly brushed & a fresh coat of lipstick is all she needs to do

Naturally beautiful she does not need the make up others wear, she is not aware of how people take notice 

Her husband is, she smiles to herself, she knows he does not tolerate others looking at her, he has somewhat mellowed over the years

The fighting nature he had at university has turned into a fighting nature in the boardroom 

As she walks up the hallway she can smell the familiar scent of pipe tobacco in the air

This is a comforting smell, all though this is comforting it also makes her sneeze

She walks into the dining room, lightly smoothing her hair, she looks to the right, across the bar to a man with short wavy black hair

As he looks up at her, she can feel her eyes start to twinkle & then fill with love

As she looks into his eyes, she watches as his do the same, & then that final look of disbelief she married him

She knows he adores her, loves her unconditionally, as she does him, yes he can be hard to deal with at times, he can be happy irrational & quick to anger at other times 

But he does calm down quickly, he knows he can be irrational, his mind is always going so quick she thinks, no wonder he gets wound up

She can see he is starting to relax, finally starting to let go of the day he had, full of meetings & negotiations, fighting in the boardroom 

She hates to disturb him, but he is rarely home at this hour, not in time to put the kids the bed

The kids love to see him before sleep, love to run & cuddle up to the big teddy bear of a man they call Dad

Their daughter has been known to fly into his arms with excitement when he gets home, she is an emotional one she thinks to herself, very emotional like him.

She softly says that it’s time for the kids to go to bed, gently asking him to come & say goodnight, he gives her a slight smile & nods

She knows he will come, he rarely says no to her, & the children, well he would not deny them this time with him

As she walks away, she takes in the sound of ice swirling in a glass, knowing there will be scotch in the glass

She knew the children were his pride & joy, he loved their children, they were both so proud of their intelligent, chatty children, opposites of each other, yet similar in so many ways

She knows that in a few years, these children will be far too grown up, she wants to enjoy the time they have together now

Years later, she looks at an empty scotch glass sitting on the shelf, she hears the ice tinkling around, the smell of scotch & tobacco 

The memories of a life well lived come flooding back, she thinks of him, she can see him standing up against the wall of the balcony 

Their grown children, one on either side of him, their daughter wrapping her arm around him to keep him warm

His son on the other side, shifting closer without being aware, to share a little more body heat with this man they both admire

She thinks to herself, he was right about the children, the daughter has a mind that is very different, & emotions that can run out of control, she is her father’s daughter 

Their son is more like her, more practical & calm, he thinks things through, he is also intelligent like his father 

She can feel his warmth surround her, can feel the love he has for her, she knows she gave him the greatest gift she could 

Others thought it was too much, but not to her, not for him, to keep him at home, comfortable & surrounded by her love & care until his last week 

This is what he wanted, after 50 years of marriage, she wanted to be by his side, she can grieve the loss after, & she wants to be there for this precious time

She is comforted by the knowledge he is at peace, & out of pain, takes comfort in the knowledge he is with the god they believe in.

She knows he lived a rich & happy life, she knows that he was at peace in the end, at peace with moving on.

The war to be happy.

To my love, thank you for fighting to be happy, for showing me how much I mean to you, for loving me for all my flaws & faults, lumps & bumps.

To the one who lights up my life, shines brighter then a star on a cloudless night

Who loves so deeply & passionately, feels everything so intensely, often afraid to let the intensity show 

Who is loyal & protective to those she loves, she will stand by them as an army comes, she will block the way with her iron will, they will not brake through that stubborn wall

She is a confusion in her mind, thoughts flying across her mind, too fast for her to catch & consider

She is more beautiful then a sunset over the bay, she does not know this, she will not believe it

She so often wants to break, but instead knots herself together, knowing she has a unconditional love to keep her strong

She knows this kind of love is rare, but her instinct is to fight it tooth & nail, to accept this kind of love, she needs to accept herself 

She refuses to fall down for too long, she has her moments of going down a dark hole, not feeling a thing except for basic human needs

She does not like this hole she goes into, it poisons everything around her, causes those she loves to feel pain

This woman is a force of nature, one of a kind, the sort of woman you dream of but is never real.

The woman who has fought 100 battles, who has been given a rough start in her journey of life

She struggles to feel happy, to let herself be happy, oh but when she is, the way she is 

Her eyes sparkle in the sun, she has a incredible laugh, a smile that cannot be dulled, a walk that swings her hips

To this woman you have my heart, you stand tall everyday, you have beaten the odds, you have achieved more then you ever thought 

You faced your fears, you know you are stronger then those fearful thoughts, you are living a life you never gave yourself a chance to think would be a possibility 

I am forever grateful for your strength, to kick those fears out of your head, for me you did let go of them, for me you give yourself permission to be happy 

Do not think I take this lightly, I will always remember that you fought a war for me, to be with me, to be happy together.

Let me take your pain.

Tonight you were crying 

Your tears tear at my heart 

For you my girl are the most beautiful girl

You are my biggest fan

I am your biggest fan

I always will be standing right here 

To cheer you on & support you through it all

So when you cry it tears at my heart

As I always want to fix it all

I always want you to smile & laugh 

Life is not fair

This you know how cruel life can be, trauma leaves a scar

But remember my girl I will always be right here beside you

I will always make sure you know & remind you that I will always believe in you

Believe in your magic & strength to overcome the impossible

Believe that the strength you inherit from the women who love you

Will see you through life’s journey safely

I know try to hide the hurt away, to put it in a box

Remember my girl we all feel the pain too

One thing you need to know for sure 

Is that the love we have for you, will keep you warm

So wrap yourself up tight in parental love, know this love & belief will always be there for you.

It feels amazing.

This week has been huge for me, I never thought I would actually be able to put my work out there. For me what I write is very personal, it is me in written form.

I have been writing for as long as I can remember, I always kept everything locked away, the only people to really read anything was my parents.

This January my father passed away, he always encouraged me to put my work out there, I really didn’t think anyone would relate to what I write.

This week I have learnt that people appreciate honesty, they appreciate writing that comes from the heart, they also like the small details.

I have been humbled by the feedback I have been given. To hear so many people related & had a strong emotional response, is beyond what I was expecting.

So for now, it’s back to the writing, new work & editing old work. There is plenty more to come.

I hope you enjoy what you read. Please do leave a comment or any feedback you may have. ❤️

Time to say goodbye.

For my father. Thank you for always believing in me.

He stands up against the bar, his glass of scotch & ice lifted to his lips

His other hand holds a pipe, just like the one his grandfather smoked

The smell of scotch & tobacco is heavy in the air

A warm breeze blows through the open door, it lightly ruffles his wavy short black hair

He can hear his son & daughter playing by the pond, always happy to be together 

They are his pride & joy, a strapping brown haired boy, smart & inquisitive by nature 

His daughter is a bubbly blonde, always chatting & smiling, he knows people are fooled by this, they do not expect her to be so intelligent & witty

They are both well spoken, both well versed on all he has taught them

As his mind is drifting he can sense a familiar presence, one that brings him peace & calm

He looks across the bar to see a beautiful blonde, self assured, a little smile on her face

Her blue eyes are twinkling, he can see she is well dressed

As he looks at her, he still can’t believe, this beautiful woman in front choose to make a life with him

Their shared history is passed between them without a word spoken, they both can tell what each other is thinking with just a glance

His beautiful wife let’s him know it’s almost time for the kids to go to bed, he nods in acknowledgment, not looking away

As she walks off he gets lost in his thoughts, his mind never stops

He knows he has a gift, he knows his way of thinking is unique, but he can feel that this will do him well in his life

As an older man he stands against a different bar, more of a short wall, facing the sea

The smell of the sea fills his senses, the sound of the waves crashing is what he concentrates on

He knows that his time is short, he knows that the sun won’t rise for him much longer 

His beautiful wife come to stand beside him, lovingly wrapping a blanket around him & helps him to the bed

As he lies down he thinks back of all he has achieved, his work was a huge success, he knows he has left a mark for another to take on.

He knows this will take time, there are not many who are so intelligent & dignified in all they do

Not only as a thinker, but also as the last of the old gentleman left, a true gentleman through & through

His children all grown up, now with children of their own, he thinks of how amazed he is to watch his children be capable & loving parents, he never doubted they would, he knew they doubted themselves

He could not be prouder of all they have achieved, challenges they have faced, all the trauma they have conquered, in this he especially thinks of his blonde daughter & granddaughter, of the loss & grief they have suffered of their lives torn apart

He knows he has done all he can, he knows he has fought hard, he knows he has taught them well, he knows he has shown them everything he could, he knows it is time to say goodbye

His ever loving wife wraps her arms around him, bringing the peace he needs.

The peace he needs to let go, to leave his ailing body behind, to leave the pain & suffering, to finally be at peace.

Come To Me.

The moment you gave in

I felt your love crashing into me

The way it made me feel inside

The only word is ecstasy

The moment you gave in

Your body decided to let me in

Your kiss is addictive & is more divine

Then anything I can describe

The way your body moved like a dream

Took my breath & thoughts away

The feeling I could see

Was flowing through you oh so sweet

Your nipples hardened

Then your thighs

As the thought of what’s to come

The moment you gave in

You grabbed my hair to make it clear

The sweet honey that tastes like summer rain that drips between your legs

Was what you wanted to provide

You wanted it right then

To let a slick hard tongue tease & stroke

To Make that honey flow

You pushed me down & jumped on the tongue that’s just for you

You pushed my tongue as deep inside

With the weight of your body & strength of your thighs

You knew the feeling it gave to me

Would make give me pleasure only you can provide

You let yourself go with such abondon

That when the honey started to flow

A honey river flowed right down my throat

You shivered with pleasure

You screamed your finish to the ceiling

As I sucked your honey & licked it out

You lost your breath & grabbed my hair

Telling me you were ready for more.

In your eyes it was clear to me

Your love for me was oh so pure

Your honesty in your eyes

Was one I rarely see as you guard it all away from harm

But when you let me in you are suddenly so aware

The only harm that will come to you

Is a sensational overload.


You can say what you like as you walk on by

You can call me what you like

Do you think you are the first to tell me what you think

I will tell you first, I am a bigger woman, there is no size 6 in me I am curvy

I have the hourglass so many desire I can carry off a corset just like you imagine one to look

My bust that comes right up when the laces are tied

So please go right ahead, & say what you like

I am enough not just for me, but do you see that beautiful blonde that everyone is looking at

The one with the curvy legs, & a swagger that makes you stop, that blonde loves me.

River of rage.

You don’t feel yourself, I can see it in your eyes, in the way your body is so tense

You say it’s that your tired, but it is clear that is not all of it

There is another feeling down below, a never ending river of rage

The sort of rage that takes you over, the rage that one can not control 

You can feel it coming up, taking over & running through your veins 

You aren’t in control anymore, the rage inside has taken over, you are gone for the moment 

You know you need to calm it down, but the pain of trying to put this out is more then you can handle 

You shut yourself away, you know you are hurting those you love 

Not only with the rage, but with the words spoken in hate & rage, aiming for the part of them it will hurt the most 

As you slowly return you expect them to leave, who could love a beast like you

When they stay you don’t know why, & you question everything, how could they love you, surly not, they are fooling themselves 

You make this clear, you tell them don’t love me, you have made a mistake 

You don’t see how this hurts them, they look you dead in the eye, & tell you please stop pushing my love away

At this point of breaking you make a sudden decision 

Instead of running or closing off, you let them deep within 

The warmth you feel within heals you in such a surprising way

You never thought you could be happy but now you understand 

You must allow yourself to be happy, you must allow yourself to be loved.

You finally start to accept that maybe, after all, you are worth loving.


When you came along, it was not love at first, it was a raw attraction, the sort you can not fight

I knew I would give in eventually, I knew that I could only sit across from you for too long

Then you made it clear, you made sure I knew you wanted me

A wanting of instinct that was hard to ignore, a wanting that made you squirm& fill with your mind with vivid thoughts

I showed you I felt the same, I showed it with my eyes, & spoke it with my words, I had my own vivid thoughts of your body next to mine

I knew you were struggling with desire hearing each & every word, feeling my eyes run up & down you, appreciating every inch, your long legs, your perfect torso, beautiful face, & breasts that are perky with lust

I had never felt such a wave of desire, I had loved before, but raw desire is a different flavour

I let you lead me by the hand to show me what you desired, I was so nervous, not only because it had been awhile, but I didn’t want to disappoint

You left me wrong in such a way my legs were shaking after, my nipples still hard, & wet sheet were your proof

The feeling throughout my body is hard to explain, like honey running through my veins that took me to another place

My mind was blank except for the feeling of being beyond satisfied, beyond thought & beyond talking

You had taken me words & left me with a feeling that I had never experienced

In that moment I could see how happy with yourself you were, I could also see what was more important is that you had made me feel something amazing

With your beautiful body that moves like a dream, your long hair, lustful eyes, & a mouth that is impossible not to kiss

It was on this night you discovered your love for my tongue, the way I made you feel was unexpected I could see, well beyond what you had ever had before

You showed me I could be happy again that night, that yes I could open myself again to another, I just had to believe.

No end in sight.

On nights like this, I lay here in tears, letting them soak into my pillow case

I can feel the material is damp, I can feel the tears running still

I know there is no end in sight right now, at least that’s how it feels, the empty pain inside just won’t disappear

Just as I am about to give in, you wrap your arms around me, I can smell your familiar perfume

You remind me I am not alone, you make sure that I am hearing you, listening to what you say

I can slowly feel your words penetrate my mind, slowly I can see the fog starting to lift

I turn over slowly, wrap my arms around you & breathe in your comforting scent

As I let myself take this in, the tears start to dry up, the emptiness within is starting to fill with your love

A warmth starts to grow within my heart, spreading slowly through my veins

I stop shivering & shaking, I take a deep breath

I look at you & see in your eyes everything you are feeling

This is what snaps me back, brings me back to myself

I feel my muscles relax, I take a deep breath, & I know things will be ok.

There will be other times I fall like this, you are there to bring me back, always making sure I know

I am not a burden, I am me, you love all of me, including the darkness within.

Whilst I sit here.

I am sitting here alone, trying not to think too hard, trying to control my mind

My mind just goes & finds the saddest parts of me, it brings them back to show them to me

For me to examine in every small detail, to feel the pain, sadness & sense of loss again

To feel the heartbeat, to feel like I am burning within, to fill me with self doubt all over again

This is a curse I live with, in this I know I am not alone, there are many out there who suffer the burning pain

The burning is a part of me & my mind, a part of my bisuffering

So for now I will shut off my mind to those memories, I do not need to reexamine all the pain of years gone by.

The guard within.

As she sat on the chair, looking into the sky, her eyes were open, her heart is beating, but her mind was nowhere near

She had only ever had herself to relay on, never trusting completely that another would not let her down 

Every time she got close to letting everything go, they would prove her right & let her down again 

Not just through words or actions, there was always the way they proved they really didn’t know her at all

This time everything was different, the effort was clearly given that she was not going to be disappointed again 

The guard she had inside herself was so strong, to let this down, to believe that another could full fill her desire, & she her she could trust another with her entire self

Without meaning to cause any hurt she started to test this love she had found 

Before she knew what she was doing she had pushed them both to the brink, with hurtful words & a clear distance in her eyes

She was sure her love would walk away, hurt & disappointed, now that her love had seen it the worst, the beast of rage that lived within in her

Just as she was about to resign herself to a life of pain, her love was there, wrapping her arms around her, asking did you think that would scare me away

Suddenly this guard within came tumbling down, she felt her emotions swell out within her, like a tidal wave

She was not going to be pushed aside, not let down or disappointed 

For she had finally found what she needed, the love of another that was so true, it would hold her up no matter what, & she would always feel a security, a serenity within, that has never been given or felt before.

Finally she had found her place next to another, another strong woman her could hold her own, & love her unconditionally.


There are many times in life we burn to the ground 

Suffocating under all its weight

It all seems to be too much at times, the pain of burning

Tragedy within a family can tear you up inside 

Be it yours or one you hold dear inside your heart

You know the fire that is to come, the pain that takes over it grates to the core

Remind yourself & those who need to hear a way back from burning

Look inside your heart, look down to the very bottom 

Where your heartbreak & loss live

There you will find a Phoenix sleeping, who can take that fire on, it will build you back up again 

The Phoenix will bring you back with a new resolve

Remember this when you feel like you are burning from the inside out 

Embrace the strength you have inside, For you are stronger then you know.

As she struts.

The blonde in all her confidence started to strut towards me

Her eyes full of lust & love, wanting her body to be devoured

As she came towards me I could see her skin had a light sheen of moisture

I knew at once she was more then anticipating the feeling that would come over her, she was on the cusp right there

I let myself admire her beauty, the beauty that everyone sees & wants

Then I looked beyond the physical, to see the glow from within

The beauty that sits inside, shaped by life, the scars she hates, the scars that I heal

I make sure she knows from my eyes, this is the beauty that I admire most

As she climbs up onto the bed, I can’t help but let her take my breath away

With her long blonde hair, her perfect bosom, a waist that is so well defined

As I look down I see her legs, her long lean legs, the legs she dislikes, I adore

In that moment she pounces, no more patience within her

She grabs my face, kissing me hard, I feel her tongue invite itself in to my mouth

I know what she is wanting, pleading for with her body

She knows I can never deny her, as the taste of her is my favourite reward

I start to slowly kiss my way down her body, to show her how much I appreciate her

This is not a wait she can tolerate, again my head is grabbed

This time pushing my mouth, right between her legs, to her sweet center, to taste the honey I love most

To me, she knows, this is enough to bring me, to know the amount of pleasure I am giving her

When you truly love each other, it can be the pleasure of the other that means so much more

All of a sudden I feel her tense, I know this feeling all to well, the familiar feeling of her pleasure reaching its peak

Before I can think, the honey is pouring, pouring right into my mouth

I let her keep going, licking that honey out

Once I know she has finished for now, I slowly look up to see her face

And let her see the love in my eyes, the way my breasts are lifting & my nipples are hard

To show her it was her pleasure that turned my body into bliss, as my own honey is running down my leg.