Surprise gift.

My father passed away in January. We were very close, he was not only my father, he was my mentor, he really helped me control the beast that is bipola.

He was a incredibly smart man, he was a genius, this was clear by the people that sought him out to consult on political campaigns, business in change management, giving talks at businesses, the list could go on.

As a big of a ‘hobby’ he used to help out his friends with their businesses or the project they were working on.

I received a call today from a very close friend of his, Dad was starting to help him rebrand a company, focusing on the mental health of young people.

I excepted it to be a quick hello & checking in with me.


He quickly proceeded to ask me if I could step into my dads shoes, & help him with the rebranding. I have no experience in this field, however he is a genius, he knows me, he believes I can do it.

So the first challenge is leading to believe in myself. I just need to get past the shock of being asked to do this, & feeling overwhelmingly humbled.