Now I see.

I can not see my way, the forest is dark, the trees so tall

I feel my way with my hands, my eyes are not much use tonight

I can feel a panic rising, I know this forest, it is my regular walking place

My breath starts to catch in my throat, I try not to panic

Suddenly a light, a beautiful shining light , illuminating everything

So soft & warm is the light, I look up, I see the tops of the trees

As the branches wave in the wind, I can see the moon shining it’s light

I look around, I know where I am, I am not lost at all

I look up at the moon, I am so grateful for its light

I give a silent thanks to its timely arrival, I give thanks the moon & it’s beauty
I start making my way towards the road, it takes just a few minutes

The moon keeps shining until I am at the road, across the road is my driveway

I start walking across the road, the moonlight slowly goes

Back behind clouds, it was bright long enough for me to be safe

Almost as if the moonlight was sent just for me.


Slowly but surely.

Have you heard a lyrebird, maybe you thought you heard a chainsaw n the middle of the night

Or maybe it sounded like a bulldozer, or the sound of another tree falling

They are endangered these amazing birds, they can mimic any sound they hear

The most incredible part of this, it could be a man made noise or a natural noise

These wonderful birds live in Sherwood Forest, just a stone’s throw from my pine wood cabin up in the hills

There numbers are decreasing as the forest shrinks, they need a lot of room to roam, they are very territorial

The cars they drive so fast, down the dirt roads, right through the habitat of these beautiful birds

Far too many don’t look out, they just keep on going, not even stopping or looking back

The people that come to walk the trails, they love to feed the birds, they don’t take notice of all the signs, ensuring they know the birds can not tolerate bread

This is just one small example of how our forests are changing, as they are depleted, the whole ecosystem changes

Never did I ever think I would hear a Lyrebird sound like a bull dozer, now they have heard the sound so often, it has become a natural Lyrebird call.