• Monster.


    A monster lives within meThis monster tells me everything I do wrongIt tells me how awful I look, how bumpy my body isIt taunts me, I am so monstrous I should hide behind a maskI can not go out with the real me on display To this monster I say, you are wrong, not meI…

  • Entwined.

    Everlasting love I believed was a fairytale for me I was on the sidelines watching life pass me by Watching my friends move on with life, I was frozen in time I jerked myself awake, I told myself I have to try A little girls heart broken from trauma, I knew I had to start…

  • Self Belief – A constant struggle.

    Self Belief – A constant struggle.

    My girlfriend says to me quite often, maybe your not a bad writer? Maybe you can relate to people. She says this not in a mean way, it’s a reminder to me, to have some self belief, to stop having to faith in my work. This is something I find confronting, I know very few…

  • Deadweight


    Photo Poem

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