The curse of the menopause.

What a sordid mess 

The pain of it all just gets right in

The fog of winter rolls right through a brain that is still young
The muscles that constantly twitch & hurt
The dizziness that causes the young to fall
The way it makes us want to stay indoors Everything outside is far too much
The way we can not deal with disagreements The way it makes us hate ourselves 
From our hair to our skinTo our face to our eyes
To our insides to our outsides
The hate just flows like blood
The way it makes us doubt all who love us
To doubt their love, commitment & loyalty The way it makes us believe our lovers are loving another 

The way it shows us every fault as if we are looking through a microscope 

The way it makes us sure no one could ever love us no one could accept us
Not now not ever 

Just remember this my dear ladies 

A time will come that it will pass
Until then stay strong & relay on your loved ones
Don’t forget they suffer right along side us
Try to see one thing that is good inside & outside you will find one
Scream to the roof tops
And remember to be kind to one’s self