I watch you struggle with yourself, always believing you are not enough

Thinking you are not beautiful, picking apart every negative you see

You criticise every part of you, your legs are always the most hated part of you

You call yourself plain, you tell yourself you are not intelligent

I know none of this is true, I know that you are far more then you see

I see the beauty in your face, a timeless, classical beauty with long blonde hair

I see your sparkling blue eyes, they are often filled with humour & love

I see your perfect legs, they are long, they are so smooth & shapley

Your mind is the most attractive part, quick witted, intelligent & full of questions

Your spirit shines from within, caring, loving & giving

The personality that you possess is quirky & brilliant, never failing to surprise me

To me there is too much to say, it’s easier to say you are perfection.


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