Bang, Bang, Bang

Bang bang bang
They came ashore, blind to the men waiting
They fell, bang, they were replaced, bang, another fallen
Seeing man in a state of war, takes a piece of the soul
Sent home, with a hole in their soul
Told to go back to life as it was, bang, just forget, bang

They were summoned to fight a tyrant, free the people
not prepared for the misery, suffering is part of war,
They found souls left broken, locked away behind barbed wire
go back to your life, forget what you witnessed, bang, their soul wrapped in barbed wire, bang

Bang Bang Bang
We must join the war, we must make sacrifice, you are the sacrifice
Bang, find the devil, bang, bring him to justice, bang, don’t look at the repressed, bang
Six months, then two years, a never ending promise of home
Bang, go back to your family, bang, don’t think about the repressed, bang, forget, they return with a repressed soul, bang

Bang bang bang
At home they try to blend in, they have sacrificed for Queen & country
Bang, Johnny stop making that banging noise, bang, Honey can you cook quietly, bang, there coming, everyone hide, bang
Kids are scared, wife doesn’t know you, you are sure enemies are watching
Bang, family leaves, bang, where is the honour now, bang, soul sacrificed, nothing left, bang

For those that have fought for our freedom
Who have taken the hole to their soul
Endured the suffering of war, in all its despair
Sacrificed family, sanity & normality
I salute you, I thank you, I am humbled by the courage of the ANZACS.

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  1. Sadly they were led like lambs to the slaughter.. my hear breaks for those young men.. men endured so so much during that war..


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